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Do you know the pre-preparation of the punching and shearing machine before starting?

As the policy effects of the national plan to expand domestic demand, especially the plan for readjusting and revitalizing key industries, began to show, the machinery and equipment industry witnessed remarkable growth, with a higher month-on-month growth rate, and initially entered the stage of recovery. The gradual improvement of demand and the continued low prices of main raw materials will improve the profitability of enterprises and the industry profits will be further improved. Punching and shearing machine industry has a good prospect.

Combined punching shear machine and mechanical profile punching shear machine integrated punching, shearing plate Angle steel shear, profile shear and other functions, with light weight, small volume, low noise advantages, is the ideal equipment for modern machinery manufacturing industry such as: metallurgy, bridge, communication, electric power and other industries.

First, prepare before starting

1. Lubrication of each transmission part should be sufficient, and each lubrication point should be refueling 2-3 times per shift; Shear tool and punching die should be intact without cracking, fastening firmly;

2, the gap between the punch and the lower die hole wall should be uniform, in line with the punching shear requirements, the minimum configuration of the punch should be slightly more than the lower die hole plane; The equipment has good electrical insulation and grounding.

Ii. Operating procedures and specifications


Ensure the normal and safe operation of punching and shearing machine, ensure the personal safety of equipment operators, and meet the production needs.

1. Operation procedure

1) Check the power supply, the voltage is stable, there is no lack of phase, leakage protector, air switch is intact. Connect the wire, open the connection cabinet of the combined punching and shearing machine, connect the wire and close the cabinet door.

2) Step on the foot switch after power on, the machine does not move, switch the power cord, and check whether the emergency stop switch is open.

3) When working, pay attention to turn off the power every time the mold is replaced.

4) After the work is finished, turn off the switch, turn off the main power switch, unplug the power cord, and clean the debris.

2. Safety operation specifications

1) Punching and shearing steel plate, round steel, square steel, section steel and other one can be carried out at the same time. However, two types of steel must not be cut at the same time.

2) It is strictly prohibited to cut hardened steel and process beyond the capacity of the equipment.

3) The cutting tool and cutting edge should be kept sharp. If the cutting edge becomes dull or has cracking phenomenon, it should be replaced in time. When cutting steel plate, round steel, square steel, section steel must be pressed.

4) When cutting or punching, it is strictly prohibited to touch the surface of the workpiece processed, it is strictly prohibited to measure the workpiece, and it is not allowed to clean the offcuts directly with the hand.

5) When leaving the machine, the operator must stop the machine. When starting the machine again, the original position of the handle of each part should be checked without change.

6) Do not shear laminated sheet, do not shear pressure is not tight narrow sheet and short material.

7) When feeding, fingers must be away from the knife edge of 200mm, small parts to use special tools.

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