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BS60220T- 3000W Laser pipe cutting machine daily maintenance and maintenance

Maintenance refers to the protection and repair of things to keep them in normal condition. Girls always buy a variety of maintenance products, it turns out that maintenance girls are indeed younger and more beautiful than those who do not.

The same is true of machines. Daily maintenance and maintenance can make the equipment work better, and can also make the equipment use longer years, creating greater value for us. Let us Jetek laser for you to talk about the daily maintenance and maintenance of BS60220T- 3000W laser pipe cutting machine.

1, every day before starting, carefully check the laser working gas and auxiliary gas and cutting auxiliary gas pressure, if the gas pressure is not enough, should be replaced in time, check whether the pipeline leakage;

2, check whether the laser readiness button is damaged (check indicator), the machine tool emergency stop button is normal;

3. Check whether the limit switch of X axis, Y axis and Z axis and the mounting screw of bump block are loose, and whether the limit switch of each axis is sensitive;

4. Check the circulating water level in the water chiller tank, if insufficient, it must be added in time. Change the water once a week and clean the dust cover;

5. Check whether the protective lens is damaged after cutting every day;

6, after the completion of the work, timely clean up the cutting waste, clean the work site, keep the work site neat and clean; At the same time, do a good job of cleaning the equipment, to ensure that all parts of the equipment clean without stains, all parts of the equipment can not be placed debris.

7. After the completion of the daily work, open the drain valve of the air compressor reservoir at the bottom for drainage, and close the valve after the waste water is discharged.

8. After finishing the daily work, shut down the machine according to the shutdown steps, and then turn off the total power supply of the whole machine tool.

The above is the daily maintenance and maintenance of laser pipe cutting machine, I hope to help you, if you want to know more about laser pipe cutting machine knowledge, welcome to Guangdong Jetek laser consulting.

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