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Metal laser cutting machine for thin plate cutting can replace CO2 laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine for thin plate cutting can replace CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine and shearing machine, the whole machine cost is equivalent to CO2 laser cutting machine quarter, CNC punching machine half.

Metal laser cutting machine is realized by using the high power density energy generated by laser focusing. Its use of precision bay bead screw transmission mechanism, optimization of numerical control system control, can meet the precision parts plus

Work, mesh dynamic performance is stable, sustainable long - time work, so in metal cutting. The precision of metal cutting can affect the cutting process, so how to control the metal laser cutting machine in use

Make its cutting accuracy?

1, laser melting cutting does not need to vaporize the metal, the energy required is only 1/10 of the vaporized cutting.

2. The heat of vaporization of laser vaporization cutting materials is generally large, so the laser vaporization cutting needs a lot of power and power density.

3, laser oxygen cutting reaction produces a lot of heat, so the energy required for laser oxygen cutting is only 1/2 of the melting cutting, and the cutting speed is far dry laser vaporization cutting and melting  Cut.

4, laser segmentation and control fracture:

Laser scanning is the use of high energy density laser on the surface of the brittle material for scanning, so that the material is heated to evaporate out of a small groove, and then apply a certain pressure, the brittle material will be small

The slot split open.

Controlled fracture uses the steep temperature distribution generated by laser grooving to create local thermal stress in the brittle material, causing the material to break along the small grooves.

Compared with traditional plate processing methods, laser cutting has high cutting quality (incision width, small heat affected zone, clean incision), high cutting speed, high flexibility (can follow

Mean cutting arbitrary shape), a wide range of material adaptability

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