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The S 600 Series S 675 W

Software Specifications

Interactive 2D graphic editor for workpieces and tools data entry.

2D graphic display of machine frame, workpiece and tools.

2D automatic identification of the best bending sequence.

Multi-tandem management: by the use of a digital bus (Can Bus) it is possible to realize tandem or multi-tandem press-brakes (max 4).

Automatic calculation of bending force and force limitation as a function of the maximum tool load.

Management of 3D images generated by cadcam.

Automatic crowning calculation.

Automatic calculation of the development with the possibility of correcting the stretching coefficient of the material.

Automatic management of crushed folds. Complete off-line programming of tools and programs by means of a standard PC.


diagnostics service, allows to determine the cause of fault in the machine with the end customer and to change the CNC settings so as to restore optimum operation.

Special Features

Dynamic crowning run time. The deformation to which the machine is subjected when bending, is detected by strain gauges or potentiometers.

Deformation is immediately compensated by means of CNC controlled hydraulic cylinders. Thus, the resulting bend is always perfectly linear.

Management of bending angle measurement and relative compensation in real time. The CNC interfaces with the most sophisticated bending angle sensors.

Automatic measurement of sheet thickness.

Database bend angle corrections, possibility to store the corrections according to the angle, material and tools, the corrections will then be automatically loaded in the new programs.

Esautomotion or Wila LED bar interface.

Mitutoyo goniometer interface for correction of bend angles.

Management of loading and unloading cartesian robots through the use of the same CNC that equips the press brake. The management of anthropomorphic robots is also available through the interface with the CNC supplied by the most famous robot manufacturers.

Functional specifications

Selectable and programmable axes and auxiliary functions.

Drivers for hydraulic axes with proportional valves or servo valves; for servo drivers, and a.c. motors with or without inverter. Drivers for the most common field bus (Sercos, CANopen, Mechatrolink, EtherCat...).

Following arms, thickness detector, in-process angle measurement units, robotic inter- facing, controlling for tandem press brakes.

Safety PLC communication (PILZ, LAZER SAFE).

IEC 61131-3 PLC programming language with function utilities, either written in IL or “C” language, are available for manufacturers.

Customizable alarm messages.

General Specifications

24VDC, 100W max power supply.

21,5” LCD TFT widescreen display, FULL HA 1920x1080 resolution.

Multi touch projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen.

CPU CNC: VIA Eden® X1 1.06GHz – 1GB Ram.

Solid state disk

User Memory

Hard disk for more than 1.000.000 part programs, USB stick for more than 50.000 programs.

Communication Ports

1 serial port RS232.

2 Ethernet port.

1 Can Open port, optional 2nd Can Open port.

4 USB 2.0 port.

4 USB 3.0 port.


Standard 4+wila, on request up to 14+wila, or hydraulic crowning.

5Vdc incremental encoder inputs (line-driver or single-ended).

Maximum encoder input frequency 500KHz.

4 Analog inputs suitable for mechanical crowning systems management or sensors.


Standard 32 inputs and 32 outputs.

24Vdc PNP opto-insulated inputs.

24Vdc 0,7A opto-insulated static outputs protected against short circuit.

Remote I/O system, connected through optic fiber link.

The I/O number can be expanded up to 2048, 24Vdc PNP opto-insulated inputs, 24Vdc 0,7A opto-insulated static outputs protected against short circuit.

Drive board for pressure and crowning valves, max current 3A.

Drive board for Y1 and Y2 proportional valves with or without feedback, max current 2.8A.

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