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The types and characteristics of automatic pipe cutting machine

1. High cutting efficiency, saving production cost for enterprises: the traditional automatic pipe cutting machine can be cut by many branches, but a single cut takes a long time;

Intelligent pipe cutting machine is single branch cutting, but the cutting speed is faster;

For example, some small and medium-sized pipes can be cut together 6 at a time, but it takes about 40 seconds/knife; Intelligent automatic cutting equipment cutting speed of 5 seconds/knife,

cutting 6 takes about 30 seconds, in comparison, the new intelligent fully active cutting equipment is more efficient, save more production cost for enterprises.

2. Complete automatic recovery of tail material without humanization, saving labor: traditional cutting equipment cutting tail material needs manual processing;

Intelligent pipe cutter cut tail material can be actively recovered to complete unmanned processing.

3, high cutting accuracy, less waste, saving data cost: the current traditional cutting equipment cutting accuracy is about ±0.15mm, intelligent pipe cutting machine cutting accuracy can reach ±0.05mm. The incision does not deform without burr, less waste, and can save data cost.

4, save more manual cost and handling cost: the traditional pipe cutting machine is highly dependent on the operator.

Every 6 meters/piece of pipe is cut, it is necessary to manually take the initiative to put the pipe into the clip, and the labor intensity of the worker is high;

The intelligent pipe cutting machine only needs the operator to note whether the number of pipes on the frame is enough to cut, and the rest of the process is done actively,

which can complete the stage of unmanned production. 2-3 people can operate 5-10 machines together, which can save more labor cost and management cost.

The operation is simple, the planning concept of this intelligent pipe cutter is "simple to the customer, complex to us."

The operator only needs to know the start and switch buttons to operate the machine. Ordinary operators can operate this machine, for the enterprise to save the need to hire highly educated operation of the labor cost.

5, saving consumables: traditional pipe cutting machine repair rate is high, repair cost, saw blade and other consumables cost is high; Intelligent pipe cutting machine has fine planning and careful structure

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