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Vertical numerical control slotting machine and horizontal slotting machine comparison advantages

According to the designer's point of view is different, CNC sheet metal V slot opening bed is designed to set up and horizontal two mainstream forms. Horizontal slotting machine originated in South Korea, as a kind of imported equipment by many people in pursuit, after use only to feel a lot of ills, from the wrong design concept of the equipment, attributed to the following aspects:

1: Precision advantage: the depth of slotting is directly related to the effect of the bending Angle, if the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending position R is obviously different. Machine guide rail high rigidity design, high precision, smooth feed without crawling, machining parts surface can ensure good finish. When the vertical slotting machine is working, the cutting tool is fixed in a straight line position to run, and the distance accuracy of the tool tip to the table is controlled in the range of 0.02mm. When the horizontal slotting machine works, the knife is facing a platform of 1.5 meters wide and more than 4 meters long, and it is difficult to control the accuracy within the range of 0.1mm.

2: power loss: vertical slot machine cut when do back and forth movement is the rest part, its weight is 60 kg, horizontal slot machine is when the open cut gantry and the rest part do together movement back and forth, its weight at about 1000 kg, its energy loss is vertical slot machine more than 10 times, so the vertical slot machine is a energy conservation and environmental protection equipment.

Three: the advantages of processing range: vertical slotting machine has more than a dozen independent pressing plate and more than a dozen independent clamp automatic clamping plate, regardless of the size of the plate is good processing, transverse and longitudinal can be slotted, the workpiece 80*80mm. Horizontal slotting machine is only for large sheet metal slotting, longitudinal slotting after the sheet metal deformation, can not transverse clamping lead to transverse can not be slotted.

Four: the advantages of processing technology: the working table of vertical slotting machine is made of high-quality die steel after overall heat treatment by grinding machine, and the surface fineness reaches the effect of mirror. If the interface shear stress is greater than the shear strength of the particle, the particle will be cut in the groove, in this case, only the positive displacement conveying material inside the groove, groove of the following are for friction drag conveyor, this kind of situation can be called pseudo positive displacement, this is the structure design of the poor in the practical structure design should be avoided. Horizontal slotting machine table for ordinary iron plate welding processing, stainless steel plate is higher than its hardness, open wire, damaged blade, etc., make the table potholes. This is the cause of the spots in the processed products.

Five: the advantages of installation: the vertical slotting machine is made of steel plate welding, high strength, stable and quiet operation, only need to be flat and solid cement ground to place the leveling installation can work stably, relocation and lifting are very convenient. Because of the high-speed operation of the gantry, the impact force is large, and the platform needs to be adjusted, the concrete foundation should be made according to the installation drawing and the construction should be carried out.

Six: safety advantages: vertical slotting machine by hydraulic automatic clamping workpiece, automatic positioning, automatic work, the operator away from the machine moving parts. The horizontal slotting machine clamping workpiece in the machine tool movement range, the gantry to do high-speed movement, and the control part and the gantry run together, it is easy to cause personal injury to the operator, there are great safety risks.

In general bending processing, there is a larger arc in the bending place, and the thicker the plate, the larger the arc. The existence of the larger arc Angle, affect the overall beauty of the product. Advanced high precision, high rigidity spindle design, the main drive adopts stepless frequency conversion adjustment, can achieve constant line speed cutting, cutting tool saving. In order to solve this problem, Beili machine tools launched a new design concept of CNC sheet metal V-slot opening bed series products. The series of products have high machining accuracy, easy operation, stable and reliable operation. It is used in stainless steel, ordinary iron plate, copper and other plates for V-groove processing, especially suitable for V-groove processing before bending.

Machine performance and characteristics:

◆ The machine frame is welded by steel plate, which can eliminate stress and prevent deformation of the body after vibration aging.

◆ This machine is equipped with European industrial control numerical control system, positioning is accurate.

◆ All AC servo motor drive, can avoid cleaning carbon brush work, free of maintenance.

◆ The tool rest is driven by high-precision ball screw and servo motor to achieve high speed and high torque.

◆ The machine adopts hydraulic clamp and hydraulic independent pressing plate, to ensure the slotting work piece firm, high stability.

Equipped with Japanese Mitsubishi numerical control system

Control axis number: 3 axis (X, Y&Z axis)

Planar color 1 color display (640*400 lattice)

◆ Driving method: adopt digital AC

◆ Position output: adopt position encoder

◆ Incremental programming

Conversion of the metric system

◆ Setting unit: 0.01mm

◆ Data input: MDI input processing data, simple and fast. As long as the user input plate thickness, plate length, V slot depth, each feed amount, program automatic calculation processing

Number of storage programs: 128 (about 6000 working steps)

◆ Number of slots: 1 to 10

Program capacity: 256KB

◆ Working temperature: 0-45 degrees

◆ Room temperature: -30-60 degrees

◆ Rear stopper (Y axis) repeated positioning accuracy: +/-0.05mm

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