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What is the difference in the power of the laser cutter

When choosing a laser cutting machine, it is mainly based on the material you cut, and then the power of the cutting laser. Theoretically speaking, the power of the laser is proportional to the thickness of the material being cut, and the density is a factor, so in terms of power selection, it is to choose according to the material.

In general, if the material is thin and easy to cut, it is enough to use non-metallic materials. If it is a thick material, or the density is relatively high, you need to use high power to cut. If in the case of low power, it may be cut off without wear.

If you want to cut thick material well, you must choose from many aspects. If you want to cut the material, you must make the power and material thickness become proportional to the material thickness of the factor. Some aspects, if the material is thick, can only have high magnification, but also have the right focal length. If the focal length is wrong, the cut edge is not a vertical edge and will produce a hypotenuse.

There is one, even if the material is relatively thin, the effect of long focal length cutting is not good, so if you want to make a good cutting effect of the product, you must choose a reasonable power and focal length can be.

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