CNC Press Brake

MB8 Series CNC Press Brake

The Electrical-Hydra CNC Press Brakes are optimal for the forming of parts with a low operation cost. Torsion Bar Press Brakes have Torsion bar synchronous NC two axis control capability just like our larger Press Brakes.


Rack machine processing | Electrical and liquid synchronous structure|Delem numerical control system|Angle programming|Automatic calculation of pressure|Segmented mold|Multi-V lower mold|Electro-mechanical compensation|High precision back gauge structure|Adjustment Finger height


  • DELEM DA-66T CNC control unit with 2D graphics
  • 6+1 axis CNC Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning
  • Standard BGA-4 for X, R, Z1, Z2-axis ( X=800mm,R=200mm)
  • DELEM CAD/CAM Profile-T3D Expert 3D Offline Software
  • DurmaPress CNC motorized wave crowning
  • Large trio of value
  • Large open height
  • Large stroke
  • Large throat depth
  • HOERBIGER hydraulic valve block, pump and valves
  • High Siemens efficiency motor– class IE3
  • Hybrid ECO Function for energy-saving drive
  • Rear cover: Safety barriers (Category IV)
  • Sheet metal frontal supports
  • Front and rear
  • lighting Industry 4.0 of Productivity
  • Monitor (software version V3.5.3)
  • CE Norms: OEM Embedded
  • Lazersafe Systems PCSS A0 + LZS-2 Block Laser (Category IV)

Simple Operation, Comply With User Behavioral Habits

Wila Hydraulic Clamping for CNC Press Brake

High precise backgauge , equipped with Taiwan HIWIN ball screw and polished rod structure

DSP Laser Protection for workers' safety

Using Germany EMB Tube and connectors reduces the adds againest welding slag jaming the valves and affect oil flowing

Germany BOSCH-RRXROTH Hydraulic System

Germany Bosch-Rexroth integrated hydraulic system block, hydraulic transmission with high reliability, integrated hydraulic system can effectively alleviate problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid.

NC Machine With 6 Axis BackGuage


●X-Axis with HIWIN linear guide and Ball Screw.
●Manual Z1,Z2-axis with Manual Adjust.
●Driven by DELTA Invertor.
●Less noise, greater durability and greater precision.
●Unprecedented positioning repeat-ability of +0.005mm.
●High-speed movement on all axes ensures that the gauge fingers are positioned as quickly
as the operator positions the part.

MB8 Series CNC Press Brake Controller for Optional

Delem DA66T CNC Controller

Delem DA69T CNC Controller


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