CNC Press Brake 

Durmapress ® CNC Press Brake Various Model with Different Controller , Customized according to Clients Request . 

Different Axis BackGuage with Sevo Motor Controller 

OEM & ODM Service for Global Agent Service

Press Brake

CNC Press Brake are heavy industrial equipment used for bending and forming metals ! 

Now, DurmaPress ® machine models has a backgauge function, allowing users to perform more complex cuts relatively quickly. After each bend of the machine, the machine backgauge will reposition the metal to form more complex bends or shapes. This means that workers do not have to remove and replace metal from the equipment after each step.

Press Brake are divided into Torsion Bar NC Press Brake and CNC Press Brake machines, and machine minimize errors and related waste in the metal processing process. CNC Press Brake can also speed up production speed, which can save the company's labor cost

DurmaPress Torision Bar Model of WC67Y Series guarantee high quality performance for precise sheet metal bending jobs for your fabrication purposes for simple yet powerful metalworking operation.

MB8 Series Euro-Pro 4-8 axis

MB8 Series CNC Press Brake with Euro Pro Design with the most developped DELEM Controller DA66T or DA69T for 3D Profile Working , 4-8 axis BackGuage for highest Speed and working precision . CE Certificate .

  • High energy-saving potential

  • Decreased operating costs

  • Clearly reduced cooling effort

  • System safety

  • Future-oriented technology

  • Remarkable noise reduction

  • Fewer secondary measures

  • Compliance with EU CE Directives

  • Decrease in the number of expensive machine failures

Strong Welding Construction

The main machine body is welded by high-quality carbon structure steel with steel frames undergo annealing at over 600⁰ to relieve stress, and high temperature annealing, then natural aging completely eliminate welding stress, anti-deformation, more durable.


  • Very stiff and stable base frame
  • Deformation simulation made by CAE
  • Stress points analysis
  • Usage of high-tech boring press brake for extreme precision parts.
Machine Body Welding

Increase Customer Benifits

● It is our objective to be successful by making our partners in the sheet-metal processing industry successful;

● By offering the following customer benefits that will increase their productivity and profitability by Durmapress ®CNC PRESS BRAKE:

More Productivity CNC Press Brake

A package of innovative and customer-oriented solutions aimed at reducing consumption.
DurmaPress® promotes a friendly environmental policy, and, as such, all our CNC Press Brake features the Hybrid Eco Function.


  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Safety
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