What are the key details of the use of BS3015D-2000W laser cutting machine

In the usual production and processing process, some of the staff using BS3015D-2000W cutting equipment, according to their actual work experience, summed up some of the key details of the use of laser cutting machine. According to them, when using this equipment, the first thing we should pay attention to is to strictly follow the operating procedures for processing. Because this is a very sophisticated instrument, in the process of use, there is a strict computer system control. The normal operation can be ensured only when the operation is performed correctly according to the preset operation procedures. The second key detail that should be paid attention to is that before the staff operate the BS3015D-2000W laser cutting machine, it is best to receive a comprehensive training to understand the structure, composition, performance of this equipment, and the unexpected situation that may be encountered in use. Only in this case, can we really understand the performance of this equipment, can we use it in the work. In general production enterprises, the staff should wear labor protection supplies according to the regulations of the factory, and it should be so when operating this equipment. In processing, it is best to understand the basic properties of a processing material. Not all raw materials can be processed using laser cutting machine. Although some materials are very convenient to use when processing, they can not… Read More »What are the key details of the use of BS3015D-2000W laser cutting machine

The viscosity of the hydraulic oil of the plate shears should match

Measures measures have insurance protection measures measures, more measures to safeguard measures and personal insurance, the format than large force, but also to Zhuo lost electricity, plate shears in indirect driven pump under the main point of this pump is provided to the hydraulic cylinder of low pressure liquid events, it form a brief, homework acuity, wide use of surface, easy to repair, practical in free forging and die forging, but disturb is bigger, It is difficult to finish automatic products. In the hydraulic system of hydraulic press, the advantages and defects of hydraulic oil are often amazing. Whether it is suitable, there will be no reason to the firmness of hydraulic system movement, the firmness and acuity of hydraulic system events. So its connection to the hydraulic system is abnormal events, forging hammer is produced by heavy hammer collapsed or were persecuted high-speed static electricity, the work of billet, shearing machine to make the plastic deformation of machinery, forging hammer is the most common and long history before the shearing machine, to mean, plate shears hydraulic oil viscosity to fit, it will not conducive to the hydraulic system of adverse events, which are held in popular event efficiency, Or there will be a variety of topics. Shearing machine drive pump - accumulator accumulator unit, can is a, it can be a group, and the system efficiency, power Zhuo loss,… Read More »The viscosity of the hydraulic oil of the plate shears should match

The structure and characteristics of NC plasma cutting machine are analyzed

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Numerical control plasma cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used more in recent years, mainly used to process metal materials, especially in cutting stainless steel and other metals, has outstanding performance. At present, it is widely used in automotive, chemical machinery and Marine industries, such as raw material cutting. For the structure of CNC plasma cutting machine, most people do not know much about it. Simply speaking, the equipment is composed of three parts: machine tool, CNC system, nesting software. Next, Wuhan Huayucheng CNC Xiaofeng is introduced in detail. First, the structure of CNC plasma cutting machine 1, the machine tool The machine tool is the main part of the CNC plasma cutting machine, it contains the frame part of the beam guide rail, pinion and rack drive, reducer, servo motor, air system, electrical control cabinet, etc., can be selected according to the use of the demand of automatic raising system, ignition system and cooling system. The manufacturing quality of the machine tool, the machining accuracy and the selection of the key parts all determine the function configuration and the life of the CNC plasma cutting machine. 2. Numerical control system Numerical control system is the command center of numerical control plasma cutting machine, the core is an industrial computer and a set of numerical control cutting special control software. The hardware configuration of the industrial controller in… Read More »The structure and characteristics of NC plasma cutting machine are analyzed

Large - format laser cutting machine technical parameters and application industry

In 2017, feng radium laser research and development team after more than a year of efforts to develop technological large-format laser cutting machine, success in the current mainstream visual recognition technology to join the deformation of the exclusive matching algorithm, on the basis of the technological breakthrough marked the integrating large photo system of the birth of a new generation of visual cutting technology, With the use of this technology not only means that large format laser cutting machine vision cutting technology has reached the industry leading level! The following Xiaobian to share about the technical parameters of large format laser cutting machine and the application of the industry content, welcome to read! Technical parameters of large format laser cutting machine: Machine model: LF1610DTCCD Laser type: sealed CO2 laser Cooling system: Water cooled Processing range: 1600mmx1000mm Laser power: 80Wx2 (optional) Machine power: ≈1200W Camera system: SLR camera positioning system Weight: 280 kg Power requirements: 220V/ 50-60Hz,10Amax Overall dimensions: 1830mm x 1090mm x 1100mm Environmental requirements: temperature 10-30℃, humidity (no condensation) 30-80% System supported: Windows xp/Windows 7, AI, PLT, DXF, DST, BMP, JPG, JPGE, PNA, TIF, etc Application industry of large format laser cutting machine: Large format laser cutting machine is suitable for clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, pasted cloth embroidery, models, crafts, advertising, decoration, packaging printing and many other industries. Large format laser cutting machine application of ultra-fine… Read More »Large - format laser cutting machine technical parameters and application industry

CNC laser cutting machine needs regular inspection and maintenance!

How to use and maintain CNC laser cutting machine? When using numerical control laser cutting machine to process objects, we need to learn the application and maintenance skills of numerical control laser cutting machine. In order to better play the function of the equipment, the working power of the equipment should be maximally advanced. Below, can see the daily maintenance of CNC laser cutting machine. 1) Always check the steel strip and make sure it is strong. Otherwise, if something goes wrong in the operation, it may hurt someone and seriously lead to death. The steel strip looks small, but the problem is still a bit serious. 2) Check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine every six months, and find out that the maintenance and debugging are abnormal. If you do not do this, the incision may not be good and errors will increase. The cutting quality will be affected. This is a priority. It needs to end. 3) Vacuum the dust and dirt off the machine once a week. All electrical cabinets should be kept clean and dust-proof. 4) the guide rails of the CNC laser cutting machine should be cleaned frequently to eliminate dust and other debris, and ensure that the equipment of the normal frame should be cleaned regularly. And lubrication to ensure lubrication without debris. The guide rail should be often… Read More »CNC laser cutting machine needs regular inspection and maintenance!

Durmapress takes you to analyze the performance advantages of pendulum shears

Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine is a kind of hydraulic shearing machine, because the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine tool is arc motion shear, and arc tool in the production process of high technical difficulty. In general, when used, the pad will be filled, so the hydraulic pendulum plate shears are not allowed to cut the plate precision is not good. Because it is an arc motion, the blade is at an acute Angle, so the blade is seriously damaged during use. Although the hydraulic pendulum shears have shortcomings, but also has other shears do not have the performance advantages, such as: 1, pendulum tool rest, the overall strength of the main body is high, the accumulator oil cylinder return, the tool rest is stable and rapid. 2, the blade gap uniformity adjustment is convenient, the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine has stepless adjustment function, the upper blade has two edges, the lower knife has four edges, the upper and lower blade gap can be manually adjusted, convenient. 3, hydraulic pendulum shear plate for hydraulic independent pressure foot, and plastic foot, pressing material more stable, lower noise. 4. The rolling feeder can reduce friction resistance and guarantee the work from being scratched. 5, electrical linkage lock and protective grid can protect the operator. 6, the rear baffle has a digital display system, the number of cutting digital display, convenient statistics. 7, the host… Read More »Durmapress takes you to analyze the performance advantages of pendulum shears

What is the difference in the power of the laser cutter

When choosing a laser cutting machine, it is mainly based on the material you cut, and then the power of the cutting laser. Theoretically speaking, the power of the laser is proportional to the thickness of the material being cut, and the density is a factor, so in terms of power selection, it is to choose according to the material. In general, if the material is thin and easy to cut, it is enough to use non-metallic materials. If it is a thick material, or the density is relatively high, you need to use high power to cut. If in the case of low power, it may be cut off without wear. If you want to cut thick material well, you must choose from many aspects. If you want to cut the material, you must make the power and material thickness become proportional to the material thickness of the factor. Some aspects, if the material is thick, can only have high magnification, but also have the right focal length. If the focal length is wrong, the cut edge is not a vertical edge and will produce a hypotenuse. There is one, even if the material is relatively thin, the effect of long focal length cutting is not good, so if you want to make a good cutting effect of the product, you must choose a reasonable power and focal length… Read More »What is the difference in the power of the laser cutter

What are the introduction and application types of thin plate laser cutting machine?

Thin plate laser cutting machine, also known as thin plate fiber laser cutting machine, using the well-known domestic brand Rayke fiber laser, service life of 100,000 hours, after-sales warranty of 2 years, to ensure the actual customer interest. The whole machine adopts double motor double drive drive mode, helical rack and pinion drive, to ensure the cutting accuracy under the condition of high speed cutting. It is a cutting tool for processing 1-4mm thick plate. In addition, laser customized machine tools can be directly upgraded to 10000W/12000W without refit. Sheet metal is a kind of sheet metal often used in traditional industry. This material has been widely used in many fields. The thin plate laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for cutting the thin plate of various metal materials, and now some pipes of this material can also be cut by this machine. For example, watch machinery, medical machinery, instruments and meters, the processing thickness of metal parts is relatively low, generally within 3mm, generally using low and medium power thin plate fiber laser cutting machine. For the cutting of metal parts of agricultural and forestry machinery, the thickness is usually 6-8mm, and the processing requirement of medium thick plate is higher. To cut such metals, a medium power laser cutter is generally required. Advantages of thin plate laser cutting machine: 1, fast cutting speed Continuous, fast curve cutting function… Read More »What are the introduction and application types of thin plate laser cutting machine?

What is the difference between laser tube cutting machine and plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine? How to choose?

With the development of laser cutting technology, laser cutting plays an irreplaceable role in the field of metal products. At present, cutting metal pipe laser equipment has laser cutting machine and plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine two. Which one is better for you? Advantages of laser pipe cutting machine: 1, for all kinds of round pipe, square pipe, U cutting pipe, special-shaped pipe and other pipes. 2. Higher precision and faster efficiency of pipe cutting. 3, pipe multi-functional cutting (such as disconnecting, drilling, groove cutting, etc.). Advantages of plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine: 1, a machine multi-purpose, thick and thin cutting, or cutting plate or cutting pipe, can reduce the area, save investment cost. 2, professional laser cutting system, can cut the plate at any time, cutting pipeline conversion. 3, red copper, brass, galvanized sheet and other high reverse material sustainable cutting, to achieve high precision cutting metal plate. Conclusion: Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine has advantages in cutting plate, general cutting tube can also be cut; Laser cutting machine can not cut sheet metal, but cutting tube high precision, strong carving process, can meet the requirements of many cutting tube. If there are both pipes and plates in metal processing, and the amount of pipe processing is relatively small, the plate and tube integrated cutting machine is more suitable. If the amount of… Read More »What is the difference between laser tube cutting machine and plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine? How to choose?

How to improve the productivity of QC11Y-8x4000 plate shears

How to improve the productivity of QC11Y-8x4000 plate shears Many users rely on the purchase of important standard parts, can improve productivity to improve output, productivity can be expressed in many forms: save manpower, and improve logistics, improve accuracy, improve incision quality, avoid secondary operations, but in order to improve safety. Help to increase the output of products include: Arm, including: for adjustment and straightening, depending on configuration can also be used as front guard and support long metal plate. Bracket: The support material for the front of the shears, but also the correct front plate for measuring the shears assembly. Three, metal plate support equipment: equipment (including some machine support or robot arm front) is usually located on the back of the blade, material resistance and behind the support material, in order to prevent sagging material, and ensure the accurate position of the incision. When using sheet metal support equipment to support material, the operation sequence is as follows: pedal, feed pressure drop and compact material, the machine front support device does not affect the position of the shear, cutting material. When you're done, the whole process goes back to the middle so you can move on to the next one. Four, manual centralized lubrication system: manual centralized lubrication system for multiple lubrication points in a certain position. Five, automatic lubrication system: automatically provide a systematic amount of lubricating… Read More »How to improve the productivity of QC11Y-8x4000 plate shears