Laser welding machine is mainly composed of which parts? These three!

Laser welding machine is a lot of industries need welding equipment, especially the automotive industry, medical equipment manufacturing industry, mold processing industry, sheet metal industry, kitchen and bathroom industry, electronic industry. Durmapress laser welding machine is widely used mainly because of its outstanding function.

The prominent role of laser welding machine is mainly determined by the following components.

1. Laser welding host

The laser welding machine is an important hardware part in durmapress laser welding machine. The host machine mainly produces laser beam for welding, which is composed of power supply, laser generator, optical path and control system. Generally speaking, laser welding requires laser from Luke laser welding host.

2. Cooling system

Laser welding machine in the process of work will also produce a lot of heat, too much heat will affect the welding effect of the workpiece. Therefore, durmapress laser welding machine also needs a cooling system to provide cooling function for the laser generator, in order to ensure that the temperature required for laser welding is more appropriate.

3. The workbench

Table refers to laser welding automatic table, or motion system. The table makes the laser beam move according to the specific requirements and welding trajectory, so as to realize the automatic welding function of laser. It can be said that the worktable is the core component of Luoke laser welding machine, which mainly controls the welding action. Comparatively speaking, the motion control of the worktable is written by the way of NUMERICAL control programming, so as to control the program and make the worktable move according to the requirements.

In brief, the main components of durmapress laser welding machine include laser welding machine, main cooling system and worktable. In addition, a sufficient supply of laser welding machine also includes two important components: fixture and observation system. The fixture is mainly used for fixing welding parts, and the observation system is mainly set up to observe the welding effect of the workpiece in real time.