Shrimp elbow machine manufacturer recent market

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Shrimp elbow machine manufacturer mainly refers to the host part, the core part is the roll. When the two pressure roller feed too much or into the roller between extrusion molding. The feeding part, mainly manual feeding, using the gap between the roller feed. Drive part, the main drive system for: motor a triangle belt - a reducer - an open gear - a roll. The main machine is powered by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, through the belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, through the rod pin coupling to the drive shaft. 2mm material cold plate galvanized sheet tube diameter range φ150-φ1000mm Production speed 8m/min Power 1. Shrimp elbow machine is also known as phoenix pipe elbow bite machine, is the processing of metal sheet round pipe and round pipe elbow (shrimp elbow) butt bite equipment. Diameter range φ100-φ1000mm, diameter can be done 100mm, good sealing and forming appearance is also beautiful. The machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance, practical and convenient operation, good smoothness of rolled out bone, accurate size and Angle, high sealing of air duct after occlusion, firm and durable. Shrimp elbow machine is mainly used in air conditioning hVAC elbow. The joint wheels are hot treated for their long service life and small shape. Copper motor drive, low failure rate, less power consumption. The transmission gear adopts forged high carbon steel, high hardness,… Read More »Shrimp elbow machine manufacturer recent market


Q11Y SERIES HYDRAULIC GUILLOTINE SHEAR WORKSHOP NEEDED: This machine adopts full steel welding structure with enough hardness and rigidity. It also has been heated processed and highly frequently vibrated. Adopting floor boring-milling machine for German for guaranteeing the precision Structure of machine: guillotine Hydraulic system adopts integral logic loop controlled by order valve with stability, low noise and easy maintenance and keep the normal oil-temperature and working by the fixed cooled unit.6.5 Protecting Function of Clamping. Hydraulic system from famous brand in China controlling the blade’s moving Two High rigidity rectangle blades with four available edges Plate support table will roller bearing and front support for easy material feed in Pressing unit adopts integral loop and parallel pressing cylinder fit with rubber washer. When the plate is uneven, it can be adjusted to press the plate tightly. The pressure also can be adjusted according to the plate’s material and thickness with protecting the plate’ surface. Handle wheel for adjusting the blade clearance in manual with easy operation and flexibility. Timing relay controlling the stroke. According to the width of plate, timing relay adjust the stroke time for saving time and improving shearing efficiency. Counter controlling the amount of shearing with adjustment and memory functions, and forward, return and fine-adjusting functions Light beam shadow overlapping the drawn line no the plate The shearing angle can be adjusted in a set scope… Read More »Q11Y SERIES HYDRAULIC GUILLOTINE SHEAR WORKSHOP NEEDED

WE67K- 250T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake machine Main technical parameters

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I. WE67K- 250T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake machine Main technical parameters: Large frame 400H, side frame is 300 channel steel, Dimensions: 6000mm* 1000 mm* 2000mm Length: 6 meters Toughness: 550 mpa Weight: about 1 ton Motor power: 4KW Hydraulic oil tanker: 30 kg Suitable coil thickness: 0.3mm-0.8mm steel coil thickness is acceptable. Two, the use of bending machine 1. First, switch on the power supply, open the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start, so that you can hear the rotation sound of the oil pump. (The machine does not move at this time) 2, stroke adjustment, the use of bending machine must pay attention to adjust the stroke, must be tested before bending. Bending machine die down to the bottom must ensure that there is a plate thickness clearance. Otherwise, the mold and the machine will be damaged. Stroke adjustment is also electric quick adjustment and manual stomach adjustment. 3, bending notch selection, generally choose the plate thickness of 8 times the width of the notch. For bending 4mm sheet metal, choose about 32 notches. 4, the rear stopper adjustment generally has electric quick adjustment and manual fine tuning, the method is the same as the shearing machine. 5, step on the foot switch to start bending, bending machine and shearing machine is different, can be loosened at any time, loosen the foot… Read More »WE67K- 250T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake machine Main technical parameters


PP200 HORIZONTAL PRESS BRAKE FEATURED CHARACTERISTICS: Easy handling: The machine is sent completely assembled, it is only necessary to connect it to the required power supply and start performing. Versatility: Nargesa PP200 has a catalog with a great deal of optional tooling. (See optional tooling and sample video below) Easy fabrication of tooling: The customer himself or any toolmaker can manufacture dies and punches. Folding operation with no risk of damaging the punches and dies with thick materials unlike conventional press brakes. Folding flat bars and sheets into completely close shapes. Conception of this horizontal bending press brake allows to make folding operations that are impossible to be carried out on a conventional press brake. Fast tool change, punches and dies: This change does not take more than 30 seconds most of the times. STANDARD EQUIPMENT PROVIDED WITH THE MACHINE: Horizontal press brake PP200 includes the complete 4V’s folding die.

How does CNC bending machine fold different angles? What are the requirements of high precision CNC bending machine for the mold?

How to use CNC bending machine to fold different angles, 90 degree Angle above can be unified use up and down 90 degree mold, less than 90 degree Angle will use v-type up and down mold. Debug Angle to use a single step slowly debugging. Fold the Angle of more than 90 degrees with experience, if the bending machine is digital display, each time to remember the digital display, the next time to the number on the line. Fold 90 degrees to use a 30 degree knife die, the lower die also need to open a 30 degree slot. Bending machine adjustment size: adjusting the bending size is actually to adjust the baffle ruler, through the bending machine right down the button to coarse and fine adjustment. To adjust the Angle of bending, that is, to adjust the depth of the cutting edge, such as the groove V, through the wheel on the right side of the Angle, and the cutting depth S≤100. Using method of bending machine: 1, first of all to determine the bending force and the size of the v-groove opening under the die, can be calculated according to the thickness of the plate and the length of the folding plate. 2. Align with the center of the upper and lower molds and adjust the gap. 3, determine the front and rear stopper position and process flow,… Read More »How does CNC bending machine fold different angles? What are the requirements of high precision CNC bending machine for the mold?

U Shape Auto Duct line 5 -U-shaped structure

It mainly completes the molding of common plate flanges/Angle iron flanges or "C" type flanges, with a daily processing capacity of 600-2500 square meters. Production, just input the size of the wind pipe to be processed, the production line can automatically complete uncoiling, leveling, reinforcement, punching Angle, (punching), shear, high-speed joint bite, common plate flange forming/Angle steel flange forming/" C "type flange forming, blocking function, servo folding into type. U Shape Auto Duct line 5 -U -U-shaped structure 1, small footprint, with material saving processing mode; 2, folding platform adopts servo feeding, accurate positioning; 3, input using touch and keyboard double mode; 4, the plate opening is convenient and simple; 5, support stainless steel welding air duct processing mode; 6. Export and print production record data (optional); 7. Data exchange with BIM (optional); 8, support rod drilling, common plate flange edge drilling, pressing square bar function (optional); 9. "C" bone flange and sealing function (optional); 10, joint mouth double mouth in front (optional). function It mainly completes the forming of common plate flanges/Angle flanges or "C" flanges, with daily processing capacity of 1000-2500 square meters. As long as the air duct is input, the production line automatically completes uncoiling, leveling, reinforcing bar, punching Angle, cutting, joint biting, common plate flanges/Angle flanges forming or "C" flange forming, folding into type. The performance characteristics of 1. U-shaped structure, small footprint, simple assembly,… Read More »U Shape Auto Duct line 5 -U-shaped structure

100T3200 CNC bending machine common faults and solutions

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100T3200 CNC bending machine common faults and solutions (1) : reversing valve can not reversing or reversing action is slow, generally due to poor lubrication, spring is stuck or damaged, oil or impurities stuck sliding part and other reasons. In this regard, we should first check whether the oil mist works normally; Is the viscosity of the lubricating oil appropriate? If necessary, replace the lubricating oil, clean the sliding part of the reversing valve, or replace the spring and reversing valve. Common faults and solutions of 100T3200 CNC bending machine (2) : reversing valve after a long time of use is easy to appear spool sealing ring wear, stem and seat damage phenomenon, resulting in leakage in the valve, valve action is slow or can not normal reversing and other faults. At this point, replace the sealing ring, stem and seat, or replace the reversing valve. Common faults and solutions of CNC bending machine (3) : if the inlet and exhaust holes of the electromagnetic pilot valve are blocked by debris such as mud, the sealing is not strict, the active core is stuck, the circuit has faults, etc., can lead to the normal reversing valve. In the first three cases, sludge and impurities on the pilot valve and movable iron core should be cleaned. Circuit faults are generally divided into control circuit faults and electromagnetic coil faults. Before checking… Read More »100T3200 CNC bending machine common faults and solutions

The S 600 Series S 675 W

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Software Specifications Interactive 2D graphic editor for workpieces and tools data entry. 2D graphic display of machine frame, workpiece and tools. 2D automatic identification of the best bending sequence. Multi-tandem management: by the use of a digital bus (Can Bus) it is possible to realize tandem or multi-tandem press-brakes (max 4). Automatic calculation of bending force and force limitation as a function of the maximum tool load. Management of 3D images generated by cadcam. Automatic crowning calculation. Automatic calculation of the development with the possibility of correcting the stretching coefficient of the material. Automatic management of crushed folds. Complete off-line programming of tools and programs by means of a standard PC. Remote diagnostics service, allows to determine the cause of fault in the machine with the end customer and to change the CNC settings so as to restore optimum operation. Special Features Dynamic crowning run time. The deformation to which the machine is subjected when bending, is detected by strain gauges or potentiometers. Deformation is immediately compensated by means of CNC controlled hydraulic cylinders. Thus, the resulting bend is always perfectly linear. Management of bending angle measurement and relative compensation in real time. The CNC interfaces with the most sophisticated bending angle sensors. Automatic measurement of sheet thickness. Database bend angle corrections, possibility to store the corrections according to the angle, material and tools, the corrections will then be automatically… Read More »The S 600 Series S 675 W

S 600 Series

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The cost-effective CNC control in its class. Graphical programming via 10 '' touch screen for maximum ease of use to get the most out of your machine. General software functions Numerical and graphical 2D programming with automatic calculation of the Y-axis based on tool, material and programmed angle as well as automatic calculation of the position of the X, R or Z axis Graphical 2D tool programming Automatic calculation of the bending force limitation based on the max. Load capacity of the tools Automatic calculation of the crowning Automatic calculation of stock size Automatic management of folded sheets Automatic calculation of the bending radius curvature for large bending radii Programmable workpiece counter Switch between mm / inch Windows®-like user interface Network connection / remote maintenance Optional software features Graphical 2D workpiece programming 2D representation of the machine structure, the workpiece and the tools Automatic calculation of bending order Angle correction database with the ability to apply the corrections to the angle, material or tool. Corrections are automatically loaded into he new programs 3D Profile View (Extrusion Viewer) Interface for LED strips from Wila and Esautomotion Mitutoyo goniometer interface for correcting the bending angle (cable included) General features Programmable axes and auxiliary functions Control of hydraulic axes with proportional or servo valves, DC and AC motors, brushless motors and converters, both traditional analog and fieldbus (Sercos, CAN, Mechatrolink, etc.) Auxiliary axis… Read More »S 600 Series

Why do people think the emergence of 3000W fiber laser cutting machine can meet the market demand

With industrialization into the stage of gradual development, market demand and industrial production has gradually risen, ordinary metal processing equipment is generally not able to meet the requirements of industrial production, so after a period of development, many people will choose 3000W fiber laser cutting machine . In the current market, optical fiber laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine is a common equipment, optical fiber laser cutting machine is in the process of sheet metal processing daily need to use a tool, it is a kind of technology innovation, at the same time in the process of using also can effectively improve processing efficiency, can effectively guarantee the quality of machining. It is generally cut within 20 mm of carbon steel plate, or is cut within 10 mm of stainless steel material, the role in the current metal processing, automobile industry, and machinery manufacturing and many other industries. Many people will find that fiber laser cutting machine over the years, there has been a significant breakthrough, and compared with traditional equipment, not only can effectively improve the accuracy of cutting, but also will not be affected by the shape. So people after a comparison, will also feel that the choice of fiber laser cutting machine is relatively good, first of all, stable performance for the equipment is also a major measure, in addition to consider its material and cutting thickness,… Read More »Why do people think the emergence of 3000W fiber laser cutting machine can meet the market demand