Precautions for oiling Spiral Duct Machine DML-1500

The production of Spiral Duct Machine DML-1500 is mainly used for connecting the air pipe and components (such as radiator, side air supply port of static pressure box, etc.). When installing, both ends of the hose are connected Connect the pipe outside, and then use a special soft clamp to clamp the hose tightly. Automatic cleaning of filter element, no need to stop the host and other operations. When the filter cylinder surface saturation resistance is reached When a certain value is allowed, the automatic cleaning function is turned on, and each filter cylinder is cleaned in turn during the working process of the main engine, so as to ensure that the dust removal machine is always in In good working order. Ventilation pipe connection, generally speaking, there are mainly these types of connection, for hoop type connection, plug type connection, insert type connection machine hose connection. In and out Connection type connection is used for the connection of rectangular or circular air duct, insert type connection is the connection of dry rectangular air duct, and hose type connection, it is the dry air duct and part The connection between the pieces, so its points are different, should be selected according to the actual situation. What are the precautions for oil on the spiral air duct machine? 1. The spiral air pipe machine needs to check the pressure gauge every… Read More »Precautions for oiling Spiral Duct Machine DML-1500

Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine types and special purposes

① Inclined edge Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine The upper and lower blades of the plate cutter form an Angle. Generally, the upper blade is inclined, and the inclination Angle is generally 1° to 6°. The shear force of the inclined blade shearing machine is smaller than that of the flat blade shearing machine, so the motor power and the weight of the machine are greatly reduced. The practical application is the most. The manufacturers of the shearing machine produce more such shearing machines. ② Flat edge Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine The shear quality is good, the distortion is small, but the shear force is large and the energy consumption is large. Mechanical transmission more. The upper and lower blades of the shearing machine are parallel to each other, and it is often used for hot shearing of raw billet and slab in rolling mills. According to its cutting mode, it can be divided into upper cutting type and lower cutting type. ③ Multi-purpose Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine 1, combined punching and shearing machine: can complete the cutting of the plate, but also can be cut on the profile, mostly used for the blanking process; 2, sheet bending and shearing machine: that is, in the same machine can complete the shearing and bending two processes. Special purpose of electric plate shearing machine: 1, cold bending forming line shearing machine: such as… Read More »Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine types and special purposes

Hydraulic shearing machine has compact structure, simple operation, beautiful shape and easy, low energy consumption.

Hydraulic shearing machine has compact structure, simple operation, beautiful shape and easy, low energy consumption. Widely used in metallurgy, light industry, machinery, automobile, electrical appliances, instrumentation, hardware and other industries for all kinds of steel plate shear. 8x3200 hydraulic pendulum shearing machine performance and characteristics: 1, the steel plate welding structure, comprehensive treatment [vibration aging, heat] to eliminate the internal stress, has good rigidity and stability, to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool; Hydraulic transmission, nitrogen cylinder return, easy operation, reliable performance, beautiful appearance. Adopt high integrated hydraulic system, good reliability; 2. There is a sign indicating the adjustment of the cutting edge gap, and the adjustment is light and quick. 3, equipped with lighting device, and can stepless adjustment of the stroke of the tool holder. 4, the work area adopts the fence type personal safety protection device. 5. There is a digital display device for the size and cutting times of the rear stopper.

Safety operating rules for four - roll plate winder Machine parameters and performance

I. Safety operating rules for four - roll plate winder  Machine parameters and performance 1, can produce diameter of 1-5 meters steel pipe 2, the width of the steel base material is less than 3.2 meters 3, the thickness of steel plate is less than 80mm Two, safe operation rules 1, rolling machine must have a special person responsible for the management. 2. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the plate rolling machine and the method of use. After the approval of the responsible management personnel, the operation can be carried out. 3. Carefully check whether the safety device is intact before starting the machine. 4. During operation, hands and feet are strictly prohibited to be placed on rollers, transmission parts and workpieces. 5. After the work is interrupted, the clutch should be hit to neutral. 6, many people must have special command to cooperate with the operation. 7. Overload work is strictly prohibited. 8. The tipping and resetting of the lifting and overturning bearing of the upper roller and the balance of the upper roller must be carried out after the main drive is stopped. 9. It is forbidden to pile up workpieces and sundries in the workplace, and keep the machine tools and the site clean at all times. 10. After the operation is finished, the power supply should be cut off and… Read More »Safety operating rules for four - roll plate winder Machine parameters and performance

Why is the use rate of CNC four-roll plate winding machine more and more high?

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The use rate of NC rolling machine is higher and higher, and the rate of buying NC four rod rolling machine is greatly increased. Why is that? That's because: Automatic hydraulic four-roller numerical control plate rolling machine advanced technical structure and reliable, with enough stiffness. The KEY parts of the work roll, such as reasonable material selection, seiko manufacturing, excellent performance, long accuracy retention period, suitable for long-term continuous processing. The operation control is stable and reliable, the operation is simple, it is a kind of high precision, high efficiency rolling sheet metal use unique advanced equipment. Features: Automatic hydraulic four-roller plate winding machine, used for rolling steel plate into cylindrical shape at room temperature, can also roll cone bucket, oval, arc and other special-shaped; - The upper roller can be fixed; The lower roll and the side roll can move up and down; - The upper roller is the main driving roller, which provides torque for sheet rolling through its rotation; - Passive roll on both sides; - Pre-bending is achieved by clamping the plate with the upper and lower rolls, and the side roll is lifted to deform the plate; - When the roller is round, the hydraulic motor planetary reducer drives the work roller to rotate; - Suitable for rolling general plate, stainless steel, manganese plate, high strength plate, aluminum plate, etc. Structure and working principle: Four… Read More »Why is the use rate of CNC four-roll plate winding machine more and more high?

What are the common faults and solutions of 1500W laser welding machine?

Any machine can break down, and laser welding equipment is no exception. Laser welding is a new type of welding, the welding of thin wall materials, precision parts, which can realize welding, butt welding, welding stack, seal welding, etc., deep wide ratio is high, the weld width is small, small heat affected zone, small deformation, welding speed, welding seam smooth, beautiful, without processing or simply processing after welding, welding quality is high, no pores, can accurate control, Small focusing spot, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation. So in the use of laser welding machine, there will be some fault problems, which affects the efficiency of laser welding machine. So what are the common failures of laser welding machine? What are the specific solutions? Qingyuan laser Xiaobian take you to have a look: Fault 1. Crack occurs during welding of 1000w laser welding machine Cause analysis and solution: maintain the cleanliness of the workpiece; Workpiece matching gap is too large or burr, should improve the workpiece processing accuracy; The cooling speed of the workpiece is too fast, the temperature of the cooling water should be adjusted on the fixture to improve the temperature of the water; The protection gas flow is too large, by reducing the protection gas flow to solve. Fault two, laser welding machine welding penetration is not enough Cause analysis and solution: lack of laser energy can… Read More »What are the common faults and solutions of 1500W laser welding machine?

Three kinds of laser cleaning machine cleaning advantages

Three kinds of laser cleaning machine cleaning advantages People pay more and more attention to environmental protection in the development of industry, and environmental pollution and surface pollutants have become an indispensable part of production. Traditional cleaning methods are time-consuming, cannot be automated and often have an impact on the environment. There is also no reliable way to measure cleanliness. So more and more people and enterprises continue to seek to understand energy saving, pole effect, environmental protection laser cleaning technology. Traditional cleaning industry has a variety of cleaning methods, mostly using chemical agents and mechanical methods to clean. In the more and more stringent requirements of environmental protection regulations in China, people's environmental protection and the increasing awareness of an, the kinds of chemical drugs can be used in industrial production cleaning will become less and less. How to find a cleaner and non-damaging cleaning method is a problem we have to consider. Laser cleaning has no grinding, no contact, no thermal effect and is suitable for all kinds of material objects cleaning characteristics, is considered to be a reliable and effective solution. At the same time, laser cleaning can solve the problems that can not be solved by traditional cleaning methods. Laser cleaning equipment has the following cleaning advantages: 1, can realize the corner of no dead Angle cleaning: optical devices make the laser beam on the workpiece… Read More »Three kinds of laser cleaning machine cleaning advantages

What are the key details of the use of BS3015D-2000W laser cutting machine

In the usual production and processing process, some of the staff using BS3015D-2000W cutting equipment, according to their actual work experience, summed up some of the key details of the use of laser cutting machine. According to them, when using this equipment, the first thing we should pay attention to is to strictly follow the operating procedures for processing. Because this is a very sophisticated instrument, in the process of use, there is a strict computer system control. The normal operation can be ensured only when the operation is performed correctly according to the preset operation procedures. The second key detail that should be paid attention to is that before the staff operate the BS3015D-2000W laser cutting machine, it is best to receive a comprehensive training to understand the structure, composition, performance of this equipment, and the unexpected situation that may be encountered in use. Only in this case, can we really understand the performance of this equipment, can we use it in the work. In general production enterprises, the staff should wear labor protection supplies according to the regulations of the factory, and it should be so when operating this equipment. In processing, it is best to understand the basic properties of a processing material. Not all raw materials can be processed using laser cutting machine. Although some materials are very convenient to use when processing, they can not… Read More »What are the key details of the use of BS3015D-2000W laser cutting machine

The viscosity of the hydraulic oil of the plate shears should match

Measures measures have insurance protection measures measures, more measures to safeguard measures and personal insurance, the format than large force, but also to Zhuo lost electricity, plate shears in indirect driven pump under the main point of this pump is provided to the hydraulic cylinder of low pressure liquid events, it form a brief, homework acuity, wide use of surface, easy to repair, practical in free forging and die forging, but disturb is bigger, It is difficult to finish automatic products. In the hydraulic system of hydraulic press, the advantages and defects of hydraulic oil are often amazing. Whether it is suitable, there will be no reason to the firmness of hydraulic system movement, the firmness and acuity of hydraulic system events. So its connection to the hydraulic system is abnormal events, forging hammer is produced by heavy hammer collapsed or were persecuted high-speed static electricity, the work of billet, shearing machine to make the plastic deformation of machinery, forging hammer is the most common and long history before the shearing machine, to mean, plate shears hydraulic oil viscosity to fit, it will not conducive to the hydraulic system of adverse events, which are held in popular event efficiency, Or there will be a variety of topics. Shearing machine drive pump - accumulator accumulator unit, can is a, it can be a group, and the system efficiency, power Zhuo loss,… Read More »The viscosity of the hydraulic oil of the plate shears should match

The structure and characteristics of NC plasma cutting machine are analyzed

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Numerical control plasma cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used more in recent years, mainly used to process metal materials, especially in cutting stainless steel and other metals, has outstanding performance. At present, it is widely used in automotive, chemical machinery and Marine industries, such as raw material cutting. For the structure of CNC plasma cutting machine, most people do not know much about it. Simply speaking, the equipment is composed of three parts: machine tool, CNC system, nesting software. Next, Wuhan Huayucheng CNC Xiaofeng is introduced in detail. First, the structure of CNC plasma cutting machine 1, the machine tool The machine tool is the main part of the CNC plasma cutting machine, it contains the frame part of the beam guide rail, pinion and rack drive, reducer, servo motor, air system, electrical control cabinet, etc., can be selected according to the use of the demand of automatic raising system, ignition system and cooling system. The manufacturing quality of the machine tool, the machining accuracy and the selection of the key parts all determine the function configuration and the life of the CNC plasma cutting machine. 2. Numerical control system Numerical control system is the command center of numerical control plasma cutting machine, the core is an industrial computer and a set of numerical control cutting special control software. The hardware configuration of the industrial controller in… Read More »The structure and characteristics of NC plasma cutting machine are analyzed