Application of 3D robot laser cutting machine in auto parts processing

Three-dimensional robot optical fiber laser cutting machine field is widely used in automobile body design and manufacturing, mainly used to develop new models, in car production line, deformation, such as cutting prototype parts, automobile body covering parts of cut hole, trimming, cutting the steering wheel hole, body wind deflector, the roof support, airbag parts, hydraulic molding parts, etc. Therefore, despite the high equipment cost and large one-time investment, there are many automobile and aircraft manufacturers buying three-dimensional laser cutting machine in our country, and some universities also buying corresponding equipment for scientific research, three-dimensional laser technology is bound to play an increasingly large role in our manufacturing industry.

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Volvo, Volkswagen, Nissan and other companies have a five-axis laser processing machine for body processing. 3D laser cutting machine is also very useful in body assembly processing, such as opening luggage rack with fixed hole, top cover sliding rail hole, antenna installation hole, modify the shape of wheel fender, etc. Three-dimensional robot fiber laser cutting machine which is good

Three-dimensional laser cutting flexibility degree is high, in the workpiece product changes, such as surface, trimming and hole changes, only the offline program of laser cutting change, because the use of the fixture is relatively simple, so the fixture change is also convenient. Secondly, compared with other cutting methods, 3D laser cutting has high efficiency, good accuracy, little pollution, low labor intensity and cost saving.

Generally speaking, 3D machining fixture design and its use is more complex, but laser processing on the processed plate does not apply mechanical processing force, which makes the fixture production becomes very simple. In addition, a single laser device with different hardware and software can perform multiple functions. The biggest characteristic of 3D laser cutting machine is high flexibility and low cost. Especially suitable for small batch of three-dimensional sheet metal cutting, strong adaptability to the material, laser cutting machine through the numerical control program can basically cut any plate.

From now on, domestic automobile manufacturers do not rely on foreign three-dimensional laser cutting equipment, and domestic three-dimensional laser cutting machine manufacturers cooperation, can greatly shorten the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers, and greatly reduce the application cost of three-dimensional laser cutting machine equipment. This further contributes to the upgrading and innovation of the production mode of the domestic automobile industry.

In short, in the actual production, three-dimensional robot fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in improving product quality, production efficiency, shortening product development cycle, reducing labor intensity, saving raw materials and so on. The processing path is controlled by the program. If the processing object changes, only the program can be modified. This point in the parts trimming, cutting reflected particularly obvious, because trimming die, punching die for other different parts of the processing powerless, and the cost of the mold is high, so the current three-dimensional laser cutting has to replace the trimming die, punching die trend.