CNC laser cutting machine needs regular inspection and maintenance!

How to use and maintain CNC laser cutting machine? When using numerical control laser cutting machine to process objects, we need to learn the application and maintenance skills of numerical control laser cutting machine. In order to better play the function of the equipment, the working power of the equipment should be maximally advanced. Below, can see the daily maintenance of CNC laser cutting machine.

1) Always check the steel strip and make sure it is strong.

Otherwise, if something goes wrong in the operation, it may hurt someone and seriously lead to death. The steel strip looks small, but the problem is still a bit serious.

2) Check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine every six months, and find out that the maintenance and debugging are abnormal.

If you do not do this, the incision may not be good and errors will increase. The cutting quality will be affected. This is a priority. It needs to end.

3) Vacuum the dust and dirt off the machine once a week.

All electrical cabinets should be kept clean and dust-proof.

4) the guide rails of the CNC laser cutting machine should be cleaned frequently to eliminate dust and other debris, and ensure that the equipment of the normal frame should be cleaned regularly. And lubrication to ensure lubrication without debris.

The guide rail should be often cleaned and lubricated, and the motor should be often cleaned and lubricated. The machine can move better during operation and then advance to cut the quality of the product.

5) CNC laser cutting machine double focal length laser cutting machine is the first fragile laser cutting machine, long-term use will damage the initial fiber laser cutting.

The optical fiber laser needs to be periodically checked and maintained. So, assuming any deformation or other means, you should know that the laser cut is initially a bit damaged and needs to be replaced. Assuming no replacement, it will affect the cutting quality and increase the cost. Some products may need to be processed twice to reduce production power. When you buy a product, check it carefully to avoid problems when using it.

The above is the daily maintenance of CNC laser cutting machine, we must understand. If you want to know more about CNC laser cutting machine, our company would be happy to answer your questions.