CNC punching and shearing compound machine is easy to use, but also should pay attention to these

CNC punching and shearing compound machine is the plate punching, forming and shearing process is completed at a time, directly generated by the raw material workpiece, instead of the traditional; Middle shear separation processing process, reduce processing time about 60%, save material up to 10%, greatly improve the use of materials, processing efficiency, reduce production costs. And can provide three-dimensional storage, loading, unloading, sorting, stacking and other devices, further expand the degree of automation of the machine.

CNC punching and shearing compound machine must first understand the following matters before use:

1, the operator should comply with the general safety operation rules of punching and shearing machine. Must be familiar with the punching and shearing machine structure and performance, strictly abide by the equipment operation rules, and after training, examination, can operate.

2, the operator should wear labor protection equipment in accordance with the provisions before the operation of the punching and shearing machine.

3. Power supply and voltage must be checked before operation to meet the requirements.

4. Lubrication system, hydraulic system and compressed air system must be checked before operation. Oil quantity, oil pressure and air pressure must meet the requirements.

5. Check whether the photoelectric protection device is normal before operation every day. If the photoelectric protection device is not normal, it cannot be started.

6, for the first time to use the program, must first do not install the workpiece empty operation, in order to ensure that no error before loading the workpiece for processing.

7, before starting up must check the upper and lower mold outlet, no iron filings. Check whether the tool rack components, stripper plate, cutting tools, middle ring, adjusting ring is in good condition, check whether the shear tool and punching die is in good condition without cracking, punch and die hole wall clearance should be uniform, cutting tool edge should be kept sharp.

8. When punching and shearing machine starts, the operator is not allowed to leave the console or ask someone to wait for the control. When leaving, the machine should be shut down or cut off the power switch.

9. When people are close to the machine tool, they should adjust the speed to zero and press the stop button.

10, after the end of the work, to cut off the punching shear power source, including the disconnect of the power box in the air switch and disconnect the air compressor power source, and put the handle in the working position, each door cabinet lock to lock.

11, the operator should keep the site and the machine clean, the environment temperature should be kept at 10-40 ℃, the machine tool hydraulic oil working temperature of 20-60 ℃.

12, CNC punching and shearing compound machine in the process of operation, abnormal noise, impact, vibration and high temperature phenomenon, press the emergency stop, should immediately stop maintenance.