CNC shears to plate cutting requirements

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CNC shears have different types, different types of plate cutting has different requirements? How is the blade gap adjustable in the shear Angle?

1. What is the general position of the relief valve in the plate shearing machine? Wuxi God chong think in addition,

want to ensure that the gate shears in the shear sheet, there is no deformation problem, then, in the sheet length, whether there are requirements?

The relief valve in the shearing machine, its general, is in the position of the solenoid valve, that is, next to the solenoid valve.

And if you want to ensure that the gate shear plate shear plate deformation problem, then, the length of the sheet, is required to be 15 to 20 times the thickness of the sheet, so as to go.

2. Plate shearing machine model, it is QC12Y 16X3200, then, how to correctly understand?

Shearing machine model, its representation is QC12Y 16X3200, then, its correct understanding, is: QC12 refers to the shearing machine is a hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, the Y behind, refers to the shearing machine is digital display. 16, refers to the thickness of the plate shears, 3200, it shows that the plate shears the width of the plate, is three meters two.

3. When installing plate shears, whether to use anchor screws? In addition, how to adjust the small foot plate cutter blade spacing?

CNC shearing machine installation whether to use the foot screws to fix, is to see the equipment body at work, whether there will be shaking, if there is, you need to install, if not, do not need. In fact, it is not very complicated to adjust the blade spacing of the small foot shearing machine. First loosen the bolt, and then adjust the bolt spacing to achieve the goal.