Consider the following points when purchasing a 1500W laser cutting machine

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A. Select the required model 1500W laser cutting machine

The choice of fiber laser cutting machine needs to consider many aspects, such as the processing of the product material, thickness, and the performance of the cutting machine requirements.

B. Configuration selection

According to the material of the processed products and the requirements of processing, especially the processing thickness and perforation ability, laser cutting machine which is good, select the configuration of laser cutting machine, such as the power of the equipment and so on.

C. Stability of equipment

Numerical control system is an important part of a laser cutting machine, it determines the value of the equipment, is also one of the key factors to choose the machine. The hardware of numerical control system determines the stability of the system, and the control software determines the cutting quality and efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine.

D, cutting product quality and precision

After determining the good model and configuration, you can observe the quality and precision of fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine airport structure, Maanshan laser cutting machine, gear quality, machine tool installation grounding, and fiber laser cutting machine accuracy check, these are related to the fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality factors.

After the above points to choose the way of fiber laser cutting machine, you can roughly choose to their satisfaction of fiber laser cutting machine