Daily maintenance of 1000W-2000W laser cutting machine

The company mainly produces YAG 1000W-2000W laser cutting machine, fiber plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine three categories, is widely used in electric control cabinet board, kitchen equipment, instrument appliances, auto parts, metal furniture and other processing industries. The continuous application of laser cutting machine, to solve the customer in production efficiency, production quality, production technology and many other aspects of the requirements and problems. Especially in high precision, not limited by cutting patterns and other aspects have incomparable advantages. Has gradually replaced the traditional cutting machine equipment, and to the development of multi-field manufacturing industry. In order to achieve the ideal cutting effect of laser cutting machine, we must master the choice of appropriate cutting speed in the process of processing, otherwise it may cause the problem of cutting quality decline. Therefore, in the process of production and processing, we need to choose the appropriate cutting speed according to the different cutting materials. Before cutting the material that has been cut in the future, we need to try cutting, so as not to cause material waste and unqualified cutting parts

In order to better improve the quality of cutting products, and improve the service life of laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine key parts better, daily maintenance, inspection and maintenance:

(1) Check the working gas and cutting gas pressure of the laser before starting.

(2) Check whether the limit switch and bump block installation screws are loose and whether the limit switch is sensitive.

(3) Check whether the circulating water level of the chiller is enough.

(4) check whether there is a loss of the focused alkyl sheet after cutting, etc., to ensure the safety and stability of the product quality of the laser machine in the working process.

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