Durmapress takes you to analyze the performance advantages of pendulum shears

Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine is a kind of hydraulic shearing machine, because the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine tool is arc motion shear, and arc tool in the production process of high technical difficulty. In general, when used, the pad will be filled, so the hydraulic pendulum plate shears are not allowed to cut the plate precision is not good. Because it is an arc motion, the blade is at an acute Angle, so the blade is seriously damaged during use.

Although the hydraulic pendulum shears have shortcomings, but also has other shears do not have the performance advantages, such as:

1, pendulum tool rest, the overall strength of the main body is high, the accumulator oil cylinder return, the tool rest is stable and rapid.

2, the blade gap uniformity adjustment is convenient, the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine has stepless adjustment function, the upper blade has two edges, the lower knife has four edges, the upper and lower blade gap can be manually adjusted, convenient.

3, hydraulic pendulum shear plate for hydraulic independent pressure foot, and plastic foot, pressing material more stable, lower noise.

4. The rolling feeder can reduce friction resistance and guarantee the work from being scratched.

5, electrical linkage lock and protective grid can protect the operator.

6, the rear baffle has a digital display system, the number of cutting digital display, convenient statistics.

7, the host steel plate welding structure, vibration stress, high strength, good rigidity.

8, the upper transmission hydraulic type, stable and reliable work.