Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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Handheld Laser Welding Machine Features :


The handheld welding gun replaces the fixed optical path before, and flexible transmission non-contact welding is applied to the parts that are difficult to access, so it has greater flexibility. Long-distance laser welding can overcome the limitation of worktable travel space and provide conditions for more precise welding.


Handheld Laser Welding Machine Advantages :

The hand-held welding gun is portable and flexible, easy to operate, and can meet the requirements of welding at various angles and positions.

2.The hand-held welding gun can equip with 5meters/10meters optical fiber,which is flexible and convenient for outdoor welding.

Infrared positioning is used to correct the position of welding joint and verify the position during welding. The welding position is more accurate and the welding seam is more beautiful.

4.The laser welding depth is deep and firm.

It is not easy to be deformed, easy to be grinding and polished. The problems of welding penetration, welding nodule and welding quality in argon arc welding are solved.

It is also suitable for spot welding of various complex welds and devices.


Laser Welding Applications :

  1. Laser welding of sheet metal, chassis and water tank.
  2. Laser Sealing Welding of Kitchen and Sanitary Hardware.
  3. Laser welding of various kinds of hardware lamps.
  4. Laser welding of door and window frames.
  5. Laser welding of billboard.


Technical Parameters

Maximum Power 200w 500w 800w 1000w 2000w
 Laser Wave length 1. 06um 1. 06um 1. 06um 1. 06um 1. 06um
Welding Frequency ≤50Hz ≤ 100Hz ≤ 100Hz ≤ 150Hz ≤ 200Hz
Welding Depth 0. 1~1. 0mm 1. 0~2. 0mm 2. 0mm 2-3mm 4_5mm
Pulse Width 0. 5-20ms 0. 5~20ms 0. 5~20ms 0. 5_20ms 0. 5~20ms
Power Output 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz 380v/50Hz 380v/50Hz
Cooling Mode Circulating water cooling Circulating water cooling  Circulating water cooling Circulating water cooling Circulating water cooling
Positioning Red light Red light Red light Red light
System positioning positioning positioning positioning
 Operation Mode Pulse  Continuous pulse Continuous pulse Continuous pulse Continuous pulse
Output Optical Path 1-4 Optional 1-4 Optional ——
Peak Current 50-230A 50-500A —— ——