How does CNC bending machine fold different angles? What are the requirements of high precision CNC bending machine for the mold?

How to use CNC bending machine to fold different angles, 90 degree Angle above can be unified use up and down 90 degree mold, less than 90 degree Angle will use v-type up and down mold. Debug Angle to use a single step slowly debugging.

Fold the Angle of more than 90 degrees with experience, if the bending machine is digital display, each time to remember the digital display, the next time to the number on the line. Fold 90 degrees to use a 30 degree knife die, the lower die also need to open a 30 degree slot.

Bending machine adjustment size: adjusting the bending size is actually to adjust the baffle ruler, through the bending machine right down the button to coarse and fine adjustment. To adjust the Angle of bending, that is, to adjust the depth of the cutting edge, such as the groove V, through the wheel on the right side of the Angle, and the cutting depth S≤100.

Using method of bending machine:

1, first of all to determine the bending force and the size of the v-groove opening under the die, can be calculated according to the thickness of the plate and the length of the folding plate.

2. Align with the center of the upper and lower molds and adjust the gap.

3, determine the front and rear stopper position and process flow, switch according to the adjustment switch.

4, put the workpiece in the middle position of the hydraulic bending machine surface pressure measurement.

5. Adjust the mold clearance again, and adjust the upper mold adjustment block if necessary.

6, at the same time to ensure that the seals are completely sealed, leakage should be replaced in time.

7, the rear stopper adjustment generally has electric quick adjustment and manual fine tuning, the method is the same as the shearing machine.

8, step on the foot switch to start bending, foot release will stop working, continue to step on bending opportunity.

Press the small Angle end on the plane of the lower die, pay attention to not too deep, infinitely close to it, and then adjust the oil cylinder on the other side, so that both sides of the upper die can be pressed to the lower die, to ensure that both sides are parallel

The bending accuracy requirement is a factor that needs to be considered carefully. It is this factor that determines the need to consider a high-precision CNC bending machine or a hand-controlled bending machine. If the bending accuracy is ±1° and cannot be changed, we must focus on CNC machines.

High precision bending machine slider repetition accuracy is ±0.0004 inches, forming accurate Angle must be used such precision and good mold. The slider repetition accuracy of manual bending machine is ±0.002 inches, and it generally produces ±2~3° deviation under the condition of proper die. In addition, the high precision CNC bending machine is ready for fast mold loading, when the need to bend many small batch parts, this is an indisputable reason to consider.