How to choose the motion mode of the W11-20*3000 Hydraulic Rolling Machine?

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W11-20*3000 Hydraulic Rolling Machine will do the main movement and auxiliary movement during operation, the main movement is generally completed by the upper and lower motion of the working roller of the rolling machine, this movement includes rotation and bending, etc., this main movement can help the rolling machine to complete the processing of the plate. Auxiliary movement includes in the process of processing, the equipment for loading and blanking operations, also includes the operation of the upper roller lifting, lifting operation, inverted frame flip and other forms of movement operation.

On board processing includes the process of rolled plate, bending, flanging and mold suppression, which rolled plate is the first link, the link also known as rolling, is to make the plate subjected to external forces, reach the outer fiber elongation, shorten the inner lining of the fiber, and plates in the middle of fiber will not be any change. In this way, the plate will produce a bending deformation, so as to form a cylinder and other shapes, the working principle of the winding machine is such.

In the case of large cylindrical radius, most of the mechanical way to roll the plate operation, the winding machine is the equipment for this operation, of course, can also choose the pressure of the tire film or manual plate operation, but from the efficiency, the use of the winding machine to do the plate operation, the efficiency of its work is the highest. When the cylindrical radius is relatively small, the plate can be heated first, the fiber of the plate will be easier to change after being heated, and then the plate winding operation.