How to improve the productivity of QC11Y-8x4000 plate shears

How to improve the productivity of QC11Y-8x4000 plate shears

Many users rely on the purchase of important standard parts, can improve productivity to improve output, productivity can be expressed in many forms: save manpower, and improve logistics, improve accuracy, improve incision quality, avoid secondary operations, but in order to improve safety. Help to increase the output of products include:

Arm, including: for adjustment and straightening, depending on configuration can also be used as front guard and support long metal plate.

Bracket: The support material for the front of the shears, but also the correct front plate for measuring the shears assembly.

Three, metal plate support equipment: equipment (including some machine support or robot arm front) is usually located on the back of the blade, material resistance and behind the support material, in order to prevent sagging material, and ensure the accurate position of the incision. When using sheet metal support equipment to support material, the operation sequence is as follows: pedal, feed pressure drop and compact material, the machine front support device does not affect the position of the shear, cutting material. When you're done, the whole process goes back to the middle so you can move on to the next one.

Four, manual centralized lubrication system: manual centralized lubrication system for multiple lubrication points in a certain position.

Five, automatic lubrication system: automatically provide a systematic amount of lubricating oil lubrication point.

Six, manual or electric machine back before operation: used to adjust the size of the block material, control the blade specification behind the blanking.

Seven, blade clearance manual controller: blade clearance regulator can adjust the shear applicable to reduce material thickness, type and size of blade clearance. This adjustment is done from the side of the machine. In some models, frame from each side, thereby increasing the likelihood of errors caused by adjustment inconsistencies at both ends.

Eight, blade clearance electric regulator: the use of the motor blade clearance adjustment. This controller can often use computer controller to control the plate shearing machine, material thickness and cutting length parameters input controller.

Nine, the tray mechanism is connected to the plate shearing machine. The shears carry material to the tray and in some cases can also hold the shears back in preparation for the next shears in the shears. The waste isolator is attached to the tray/transmission device and the shears will cut off the edge corners of the waste separation pool.