WE67K-135T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake machine failure should do

No matter what equipment, after a long time of use, there will inevitably be some failures, WE67K-135T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake machine is the same, so when the hydraulic bending machine so, what is the emergency solution?

1. Check whether the cartridge valve is stuck or the main spool is stuck, and the damping hole is blocked. If it is the above reason, please remove the overflow valve of the hydraulic bending machine mold and clean it, and reinstall it.

2. Check whether the fast forward speed is too fast and causes insufficient filling. The fast forward speed can be reduced by modifying the parameters of the die system of the hydraulic bending machine.

3. Check whether the mold liquid valve of the hydraulic charging bending machine is fully opened. If it is because of oil pollution, the spool activity of the liquid charging valve is not flexible and the phenomenon of stagnation causes insufficient liquid filling. It is necessary to clean the filling valve of the hydraulic bending machine mold and reinstall it to make the spool flexible and free.

4, three-phase power supply phase adjustment, resulting in motor reversal.

5. Check whether the oil level of the oil tank of the hydraulic bending machine mold is too low, the filling port is not flooded, and the filling liquid in the upper chamber of the cylinder causes insufficient filling liquid when fast forward. For the above reasons, the oil in the tank can be added to more than 5mm above the filling port to completely drown the filling hole.

6. Whether the electromagnetic coil of the relief valve of the mold of the proportional hydraulic bending machine is powered and whether the voltage of the proportional electromagnetic coil meets the requirements. If it is for the above reasons, please check the relevant electrical reasons.