Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine manufacturer: How do we properly maintain the shearing machine?

Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine manufacturer: shearing machine is some large and medium-sized production enterprises the most commonly used cutting machine, its high efficiency, to the factory has brought great benefits and convenience, but the shearing machine to our work has brought great convenience, but the price of the shearing machine is also very expensive, so we must always remember to maintain, to prevent the shearing machine in the process of work caused damage to the work inconvenience. How to use shear properly? Here, I will give you a brief introduction.

Don't worry about using the plate cutter when we turn it on before the work day begins. First, run the shears through the air a few times. First, warm up the machine, and then observe whether the shearing machine is working properly. Don't worry about cutting some thick planks or steel plates when we're sure the shears are working properly. What we need to do now is try to cut, and try to cut means we first find some sheets, and we go from thin to thick, and we try to cut one by one, and then we go from thin to thick. When cutting the plate, pay attention to the different thickness of the plate, adjust the different blade clearance. Adjusting the blade clearance is a very important process. If the clearance between blades is not adjusted, the shear will be damaged to a certain extent. When we use the shear machine, we must pay attention to listen to whether there is noise in the operation of the shear machine, once there is noise, immediately stop using, check the shear machine, check must cut off the power supply, so as to avoid personal injury. Before using the shearing machine every day, be sure to oil the shearing machine according to the instructions of the shearing machine, and remember to wipe the machine after using the machine every day. Don't underestimate these everyday tips, it can be a great help to your plate cutter.