Manual Operation And Maintenance Of Handheld Fiber Laser Welding

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Maintenance of Fiber Laser Welding

First of all, it is particularly important to note that when inspecting the internal or external joint terminals of the Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine, the input power switch must be turned off before implementation.

  1. Perform regular inspections. For example, check whether the rotation of the cooling fan is smooth ,when the fiber laser welding machine handheld is energized; whether there is abnormal vibration, sound and smell; whether there is leakage of gas; whether the joints of the welding wire and the insulation wrap are loose or peeled; the welding cable and each Whether there is abnormal heat generation in the wiring part.
  2. Since the fiber welding machine is forced air-cooled, it is easy to suck in dust from the surrounding and accumulate in the machine. Therefore, we can regularly use clean and dry compressed air to blow away the dust inside the welding machine. Especially the parts such as transformers, reactor coils, gaps between coils and power semiconductors should be cleaned.
  3. Regularly check the wiring position of the power wiring. Whether the terminal screws on the input side, output side, etc., as well as the wiring part of the external wiring, the wiring part of the internal wiring, etc. are loose, remove the rust when it rusts to make the contact conductive.
  4. Long-term use of the fiber laser welding machine price will inevitably cause the shell to be deformed due to contact, rust and damage, and internal parts will wear away. Therefore, the replacement of defective parts, shell repair and insulation deterioration should be implemented during annual maintenance and inspection. Comprehensive repair work such as reinforcement of parts. The replacement of defective parts should be replaced with new products all at once during maintenance to ensure the performance of the welding machine.

The regular maintenance and inspection implemented above can reduce the occurrence of welding failures. Although it takes some time and energy, it can extend the life of the handheld fiber laser welding machine, increase the efficiency of the work, and ensure the performance of the welding machine and improve safety. It is an important content that cannot be ignored in welding work.


Maintenance of welding gun

  1. Regularly check and replace the contact tip

As the aperture of the worn contact tip becomes larger, the arc will be unstable, the appearance of the weld will deteriorate or the wire will stick (burnback); the end of the contact tip will stick to splashes, and the wire feeding will become uneven; the contact tip is not tightened, The threaded connection will heat up and weld to death.

  1. Regularly clean and replace the spring hose

After the spring hose is used for a long time, a large amount of iron powder, dust, and welding wire plating swarf will accumulate, which will make the wire feeding unstable. Therefore, it is important to clean it regularly. You can curl it and tap it gently to shake off the accumulation, and then blow it off with compressed air. Use a brush to wash the grease on the hose in the oil, and then blow it off with compressed air. If the spring hose is wrongly threaded or severely deformed and bent, replace it with a new hose. When changing the tube, make sure that it is suitable for the diameter and length of the welding wire used, and there should be no burrs on the cut surface.

  1. Inspection of insulating ferrule

If the insulating ferrule is removed for welding, splashes will adhere to the inside of the nozzle to make the nozzle and the live part conductive. The welding torch may burn out due to a short circuit. At the same time, in order to make the protective gas flow out evenly, an insulating ferrule must be installed.


Hand-held fiber welding machine manual operation and maintenance

  1. The hand-held fiber laser welding machine must be professionally trained to understand the use of system indicators and buttons, and be familiar with the most basic equipment knowledge, safety knowledge and precautions before using it.
  2. Inspection work before hand-held Fiber laser welding machine work

The trunking and wires are not damaged and exposed; the robot body, external shaft, gun cleaning station, and water cooler are strictly prohibited from placing debris, tools, etc.;

3 It is strictly forbidden to place liquid objects (such as water bottles) on the control cabinet;

No flammable materials in the operation room (such as cotton shoes);

The temperature of the operating room shall not exceed 25 degrees Celsius;

No air leakage, water leakage and electricity leakage;

The welding tool thread is not damaged, and the robot is not abnormal;

There is no magnetic field, vibration source (such as magnet)