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Mechanical and CNC bending machine common fault analysis and solutions

Tube is mechanical bending machine or CNC bending machine, in daily production activities, there will be a variety of fault problems, today we will analyze the solution to the common problems of bending machine.

General CNC bending machine fault analysis and processing

Failure 1: the guide gap between the slider and the guide rail is too large, causing abnormal sound.

This kind of fault is caused by the gap increase caused by the long-term use and wear of the guide rail. It is necessary to check the wear degree of the guide pressure plate, decide whether to replace the pressure plate according to the wear degree, and readjust to meet the requirements of the gap.

Failure 2: rear stop material transmission failure. The rear-gear drive fails due to the key bar of the drive shaft and the synchronous belt pulley disengaging or the synchronous belt slipping.

This failure requires reassembly of keys and timing belts and inspection of electrical components.

Failure 3: The parallelism deviation between the straight guide rail of the rear baffle beam and the center line of the mold is too large. This type of failure requires the release of the "X" axis sync belt, readjust to the tolerance of parallelism, and reinstall the sync belt.

The fourth problem: the connection between the oil cylinder and the slider is loose, resulting in incorrect bending Angle or the machine cannot find the reference point. This failure requires a recheck of the torque slider and the cylinder nut.

Wuxi Shenchong believes that each link of the bending machine will have an important goal, which requires us to have a full understanding of the knowledge of the bending machine and enough professional knowledge.

Improving the service life of the bending machine die

Bending machine die in the process of bending an important goal, is in each bending process, so that each bending process produced by the processing allowance evenly distributed. That is, different angles of the bending die must be used, and at all times the main bending die should be as close to the final shape of the die as possible in each process.

Improving the service life of the bending machine die

The uniform distribution of machining allowance of bending die ensures constant high productivity and safe bending process. When the Angle is constant, the speed and feed rate can be kept at a higher level. This method can reduce the mold action and the change of working load on the pipe bender, so as to reduce heat generation, reduce fatigue and improve the life of the pipe bender mold.

Improve the service life of the bending machine die three points

In order to ensure the service life of the bending die, continuous cutting should be maintained as long as possible during the bending process. If the die is too frequent, it will shorten the life of the bending machine die. Thus, thermal stress and thermal fatigue of the cutting edge will increase. For modern carbide bending dies, it is more advantageous to have uniform, high temperature fluctuations in the cutting area.