Precautions for oiling Spiral Duct Machine DML-1500

The production of Spiral Duct Machine DML-1500 is mainly used for connecting the air pipe and components (such as radiator, side air supply port of static pressure box, etc.). When installing, both ends of the hose are connected

Connect the pipe outside, and then use a special soft clamp to clamp the hose tightly. Automatic cleaning of filter element, no need to stop the host and other operations. When the filter cylinder surface saturation resistance is reached

When a certain value is allowed, the automatic cleaning function is turned on, and each filter cylinder is cleaned in turn during the working process of the main engine, so as to ensure that the dust removal machine is always in

In good working order.

Ventilation pipe connection, generally speaking, there are mainly these types of connection, for hoop type connection, plug type connection, insert type connection machine hose connection. In and out

Connection type connection is used for the connection of rectangular or circular air duct, insert type connection is the connection of dry rectangular air duct, and hose type connection, it is the dry air duct and part

The connection between the pieces, so its points are different, should be selected according to the actual situation.

What are the precautions for oil on the spiral air duct machine?

1. The spiral air pipe machine needs to check the pressure gauge every six months

2. Under the nominal pressure of 500 tons, the local lubrication height of the set load commitment is 40 tin-meters. Excessive local lubrication tends to cause column strain or other defects

The phenomenon.

3. When the spiral air duct is shut down for a long time, the operator should wipe it clean and apply anti-rust oil

4. The oil and liquid of the spiral air duct should be injected into the tank after strict filtration.

5. The working oil of spiral air duct machine is No. 46 wear-resistant hydraulic oil, and the working oil temperature is between 15-60 degrees Celsius.

6. Lubricating oil should be often injected into the slider, the outer surface of the column should be kept clean, and the spiral air duct machine should be injected with oil before each operation.

7. The oil in the operation of the spiral air duct machine shall be replaced once a year, and the replacement time shall not exceed three months.