This machine adopts full steel welding structure with enough hardness and rigidity. It also has been heated processed and highly frequently vibrated.
Adopting floor boring-milling machine for German for guaranteeing the precision
Structure of machine: guillotine
Hydraulic system adopts integral logic loop controlled by order valve with stability, low noise and easy maintenance and keep the normal oil-temperature and working by the fixed cooled unit.6.5 Protecting Function of Clamping.
Hydraulic system from famous brand in China controlling the blade’s moving
Two High rigidity rectangle blades with four available edges
Plate support table will roller bearing and front support for easy material feed in Pressing unit adopts integral loop and parallel pressing cylinder fit with rubber washer. When the plate is uneven, it can be adjusted to press the plate tightly. The pressure also can be adjusted according to the plate’s material and thickness with protecting the plate’ surface.
Handle wheel for adjusting the blade clearance in manual with easy operation and flexibility.
Timing relay controlling the stroke.
According to the width of plate, timing relay adjust the stroke time for saving time and improving shearing efficiency.
Counter controlling the amount of shearing with adjustment and memory functions, and forward, return and fine-adjusting functions
Light beam shadow overlapping the drawn line no the plate
The shearing angle can be adjusted in a set scope by hydraulic electrical control. Angle adjustment can improves shearing quality when shearing thin plate or can increase the workable thickness. When shear plates in narrow width, the shearing angle should be adjusted smaller to reduce the distortion of material.
Electric back gauge with manual fine-adjustment and mechanical digital display.