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Shrimp elbow machine manufacturer mainly refers to the host part, the core part is the roll. When the two pressure roller feed too much or into the roller between extrusion molding. The feeding part, mainly manual feeding, using the gap between the roller feed. Drive part, the main drive system for: motor a triangle belt - a reducer - an open gear - a roll. The main machine is powered by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, through the belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, through the rod pin coupling to the drive shaft. 2mm material cold plate galvanized sheet tube diameter range φ150-φ1000mm Production speed 8m/min Power 1. Shrimp elbow machine is also known as phoenix pipe elbow bite machine, is the processing of metal sheet round pipe and round pipe elbow (shrimp elbow) butt bite equipment. Diameter range φ100-φ1000mm, diameter can be done 100mm, good sealing and forming appearance is also beautiful. The machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance, practical and convenient operation, good smoothness of rolled out bone, accurate size and Angle, high sealing of air duct after occlusion, firm and durable. Shrimp elbow machine is mainly used in air conditioning hVAC elbow. The joint wheels are hot treated for their long service life and small shape. Copper motor drive, low failure rate, less power consumption. The transmission gear adopts forged high carbon steel, high hardness, strong wear-resisting property, the whole machine adopts solid and beautiful steel plate welding, good stability. Optimized gear ratio, easy reinforcement, low energy consumption. Simple operation, one person can work independently.

Shrimp elbow machine manufacturers are mainly manual operation, light use, small volume, easy to move. Used for all kinds of building materials processing and mechanical equipment processing. The bed part adopts channel steel welded spindle frame, and the upper and lower bearing supporting plates of spindle are installed in the frame with 15mm thick steel plate. The hydraulic system part can use civil accessories or aircraft hydraulic accessories. The transmission part is composed of cylinder, rack, gear and drive shaft. The bone shape of the wire reel has good straightness, accurate size and Angle, and the airway after occlusion is well sealed and durable. The mold part is an auxiliary tool made of bearing steel or roll steel according to different surface diameters. The heat treatment is HRC48~52. The hydraulic clamping part consists of sliding plate, rocker arm, and hydraulic cylinder, and the expansion of the cylinder drives the rocker arm movement. Electrical part. Xiami elbow machine manufacturers are also widely used in pipeline, tank and other equipment insulation industry of metal shell production, through rolling machine processing of pipe insulation shell shape macro, seamless, can be processed to produce elbow, tank head, diameter, tee and other shapes of sheet metal production. Features: heat preservation material, ventilation sheet metal, flanging bite, pressure hoop forming, heat treatment makes this product more reliable, therefore, easy to use. Shrimp elbow machine technical parameters: 0.5-1mm plate flanging, bite, pressure hoop. Stiffened elbow. Working shaft length: 120mm; Flanging width :6mm;

The casting method of shrimp elbow machine manufacturer is to bite machine cutting fluid at a certain pressure and flow injection in the cutting area, shrimp elbow machine manufacturer gas pressure and flow pump. General grinding uses this method, grinding fluid low pressure pump cooling nozzle, by virtue of the gravity of the mill itself, into the grinding wheel and workpiece contact area. This method has the advantage of being simple, but for the grinding wheel with a higher speed, shrimp elbow machine factory home around a whirlpool airflow wheel, on the other hand, due to the effect of centrifugal force, also has a look from the wheel. Manual shrimp elbow models around the air gas barrier formed by the grinding wheel, grinding immersion people is very difficult in the grinding zone, thereby affecting the effect on the fluid. The grinding wheel is to make the cutting fluid of the grinding wheel inner hole or side to the body of the grinding wheel, depending on the centrifugal force of the grinding wheel rotation, grinding fluid is thrown out through the pores in the wheel. The operator of shrimp elbow machine must be familiar with the technical performance and operation of the equipment. Suitable for environmental protection industry, air duct making, kitchenware, lighting, hardware, tin, metal utensils, decoration engineering and other industries. The operator should wear protective equipment and tie the cuffs. Before working, check whether the clearance of each adjusting part is reasonable, and carry out the air rotation test to observe whether the equipment is running normally and whether the rotation direction of roller wheel is correct. Check whether the device grounding (zero) is reliable. All moving parts of the equipment should be kept clean and lubricated frequently. The workpiece must be wiped clean before rolling, can not be stained with sand, iron filings and other sundries, so as not to damage the roller. The equipment can only process the specified plate, shall not exceed the specification. If any abnormality is found in the operation of shrimp elbow machine, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshooting before continuing the operation. The reducer must keep enough oil level, and regularly fill the reducer with appropriate gear oil. Stop the machine and cut off the power supply when maintaining and debugging the equipment. Reinforce the fastening screws regularly. After work, unplug the power plug, collect the power cord, clean up the site before leaving.