The advantages of WC67K-125T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake machine processing products

Use WC67K-125T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake machine operation, the material request everyone skilled master machine parameters, in the process of setting must pay attention to the machining allowance of equipment to do a good job of setting parameters, and then carried out in accordance with the requirements of material processing, so as to guarantee the machining allowance parameters conform to the requirements in the process of regulation, can not only improve the working efficiency of the equipment. It can also extend the service life of the machine.

Advantages of CNC bending machine processing products:

You know that CNC bending machine is widely used now, why do so many manufacturers choose CNC bending machine for processing?

1, high processing efficiency

Bending cutting for non-contact processing, no impact of mechanical blanking, tool, die wear phenomenon less, without mechanical blanking when the edge, the workpiece closely aligned, can save material, cutting a molding, without subsequent processing.

2, good flexibility

CNC bending machine is flexible after processing, without tools and molds, combined with CAD/CAM technology, can cut different shapes, sizes of the plate, especially suitable for many varieties, small batch, shape complex parts cutting.

3, high precision

The bending cutting incision is narrow and smooth, no rounded corners and mechanical cutting often hair mouth, heat affected zone, thermal stress and thermal deformation is small.