The characteristics of QC12Y 6x3200shearing machine and distinguish, compare their differences!

Distinguish from the structure form,QC12Y 6x3200shearing machine can be divided into vertical shearing machine and horizontal shearing machine two kinds, in contrast,

vertical than horizontal shearing plate thickness thick, and shearing machine made of bending machine style is conducive to work.

But no matter what kind of structure it is, the parts included are the same.

Plate shearing machine frame adopts steel structure, left and right vertical plate, table and pressing plate welded into a whole structure,

after welding by tempering to eliminate its internal stress, so the overall rigidity is good, high stability.

The hydraulic system is installed on the end face of the tank, and the tank is fixed on the beam of the frame, which is easy to clean and disassembl

e. The pressure of the system is supplied by the oil pump. Under the control of the electric hydraulic system, each valve can realize the sequential action of the

pressing foot and the tool rest cutting down and other operation specifications.

The knife rest of the plate cutter adopts steel structural parts. Under the thrust of the oil cylinders on both sides,

it can swing around the fixed pin shaft to complete the shearing action without the need for a guide rail system.

At the end of shearing, under the action of the return cylinder, the tool rest will return quickly and automatically.

With quick adjustment of blade clearance mechanism, the scale value is displayed on the dial.

And the rear stopper installed on the tool rest will swing with the cutter rest. The adjustment of the stopper distance is driven by the motor,

through a drive shaft and a pair of sprocket pair transmission, respectively transmitted to the left and right screw,

driving the stopper frame along the guide rod for forward and backward movement.

There are two buttons on the button panel of the button box in front of the machine, which are the forward and rear coarse adjustment buttons respectively.

When pressing the buttons, the rear stopper moves forward and backward quickly.

There is a adjusting hand wheel on the button box to fine-tune and position the stroke. There is a mechanical digital display on the button box to display the distance of the rear stopper.