The Introduction of 4000W Laser Cutting Machine in detail

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Laser cutting process is the use of invisible light beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife, with high precision, cutting fast, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic layout to save material, smooth kerf, low processing costs, etc., will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting process equipment. The laser cutting machine is more and more important in industrial production, so today this article will write a detailed introduction of the 4000W laser cutting machine.

The Working principle of laser cutting


Laser cutting may be quite non-contact processing with high energy density and good controllability. It uses the beam emitted from the laser generator to focus the beam into a spot with a minimum diameter of but 0.1mm through the optical path system, to realize high power density beam irradiation conditions. After the warmth of the laser is absorbed by the irradiated workpiece material, the workpiece temperature rises sharply and reaches the freezing point. the fabric begins to liquefy and form holes, and with the high-pressure airflow, with the relative position of the beam and therefore the workpiece moving, the fabric finally forms an endless slit.

To accelerate the melting of the fabric, blow away the slag and protect the cutting seam from oxidation, it's necessary to feature auxiliary gas suitable for the fabric to be cut, to realize excellent cutting speed and cutting quality.

At present, the common cutting methods mainly include straight cutting, wire cutting, profiling cutting, flame-cutting, water jet cutting, laser cutting than on.

Among them, laser cutting is more and more widely utilized in steel plates under 16mm due to its smooth incision, accurate size, high speed, low noise, less dust and skill to chop various complex shapes.

In the actual laser cutting process, cutting skills are vital.

Therefore, mastering all types of laser cutting skills is that the key to enhancing production efficiency.

Through experimental exploration, we summarize the subsequent several laser cutting techniques which will be used, Through the appliance within the actual production, the assembly efficiency is effectively improved and therefore the waste of materials is reduced.

The Advantages of 4000W Laser Cutting Machine

1. The metal laser cutter adopts a gantry type single-side double-drive structure, imported high-precision reducer, gear rack and linear guide, smooth transmission, fast acceleration, Bit precision.

2. Both the bed and thus the moving beam adopts the whole welded structure. After annealing, rough machining and vibration ageing, the welding process is usually eliminated. Processing of stress, rigidity, high precision, are often maintained for an extended time without deformation.

3. X, Y-axis with high-precision servo motors, bed movement performance greatly improved, acceleration up to 1.5G, to form sure that the whole machine has high speed and high acceleration performance.

5. Laser Head is capable of automatic height adjustment to requiring the care of constant focal length and stable cutting quality.

6. Germany high-precision electronic proportional valve, precise control of cutting auxiliary pressure, to understand the only cutting results.

7.High precision. Laser cutting kerf is narrow and therefore the cut surface is smoother, without rounded corners and mechanical undercutting often have a burr (the shortcomings of traditional cutting), cutting deformation is little.

8.Fast speed. the dimensions of the fibre optic power affect the speed of cutting, improve the facility of the fibre optic also will improve the cutting speed.

9.High efficiency. Laser cutting is non-contact processing (advantage), no mechanical punching impact (the disadvantage of traditional cutting), so there's no cutter wear phenomenon, cutting once formed, no subsequent processing.

10. Good flexibility. No need for tools and abrasives, combined with CAD technology, can cut plates of any shape and size, especially suitable for cutting complex parts.

11. Easy to use. The cutting is often realized by importing the graphics and setting parameters within the computer, and it's easy to find out.

12. Low maintenance cost. Almost no maintenance cost for later use only got to replace the cooling water regularly.

The Application of 4000W Laser Cutting Machine

A. Industrial production requires high reliability, small size, quiet, easy to figure. Fibre lasers with their compact layout, light conversion obey high. And warm-up time is brief, subject to the impact of small factors.

And maintenance-free and easily with optical fibre or optical lens composition of light-emitting system coupling.

China due to the world’s largest industrial manufacturing country, the demand for fibre laser marking machine is extremely large.

B. It's about quite 2,000 once a year demand. within the laser welding and cutting areas, with the kilowatt or even tens of thousands of watts of fibre lasers developed success, fibre lasers have also been applied.

C. Comparing with other light sources, fibre lasers are as sensing sources for several advantages. First of all, fibre lasers with high utilization, good stability, compact and compact, lightweight, easy maintenance.

And good quality beam and other excellent performance. Second, the fibre laser can connect with the fibre, with the prevailing fibre optic devices that are fully compatible, can do the all-fibre test.

D. Comparing with other kinds of lasers, fibre lasers have obvious advantages in layout compactness, cooling, beam quality, volume and compatibility with existing systems, and are popular within the communication field.

E. 4000W fibre laser cutter is suitable for metal fabrication like stainless steel sheet, mild steel plate, steel sheet, plate, spring steel sheet, iron plate, iron, galvanized sheet, aluminium plate, copper sheet, brass sheet, bronze plate, gold plate, silver plate, titanium plate, and other metal sheets, metal plates. With rotary device add on, it can also cut metal tubes and metal pipes.

F. 4000W fibre laser cutter is widely used for manufacturing billboard, advertising, signs, signage, metal letters, LED letters, kitchenware, advertising letters, sheet fabrication, metal components and parts, ironware, chassis, racks & cabinets fabrication, metal crafts, metal art ware, elevator panel cutting, hardware, auto parts, glasses frame, electronic parts, nameplates, etc.


Complex cuts with good edge quality can be done precisely on laser cutting machines. The precise laser beam creates components with precise tolerances in a fast, clean and efficient manner with little operator intervention. Advanced software and narrow kerfs allow tight nesting of parts, thus maximising throughput and minimising material waste.