The superior performance of the upper roll universal bending machine

On roller universal machine adopts top roller lift hydraulic transmission and horizontal movement (mechanical), driven by the roller, electric centralized control system operation, can complete on a feeding plate bending and rolling at the ends of the cylinder, arc workpiece, can also be carried out on the sheet metal plastic leveling, there is a direct bending, the effect of save trouble, save material, configuration of NC systems and control, Improve automation.

Do you not know the performance advantages of Jude company's universal roll bending machine? Look at the following:

1, high precision end pre-bending ----

When the end is pre-bent, the straight edge length can be set freely and the upper roll is pressed down. Under a certain pressure, the end is pre-bent with high precision.

2, NC control high production efficiency ----

One person operation, simple operation, greatly improved efficiency.

3, different uses of the corresponding control method ----

According to the use, there are the following control methods: TNC (NC) : many varieties of small production; T&BNC(up and down NC) : less varieties for mass production; CNC(CNC) : many varieties of mass production.

4, products with super precision ----

Because of continuous bending, as well as high precision end pre-bending, so as to get super precision products; In addition, the upper roller is in the shape of a drum, the supporting roller with adjustment, from thin plate to thick plate this a wide range of ideal products can be rolled.

5. Rich curved shapes ----

Different shapes can be rolled, the upper roll universal bending machine:

O-bend: rear bend

U-bend: bend at the front

Special flexure: combined mode