The technical innovation of electric shearing machine will continue! 

The technical innovation of electric shearing machine will continue! 

 Ordinary electric plate shearing machine is not automatic, the power system generally uses ordinary asynchronous motor,

the control of cutting board action needs to be completed manually, in the process of cutting board constantly start and stop, high energy consumption,

low efficiency, and occupy human resources, but also prone to error.  

In view of these situations, the high electric plate shearing machine can be automated transformation, improve the work efficiency and shear plate precision, reduce energy consumption. 

 With the continuous rapid growth of China's economy, the social demand for all kinds of plates is increasing, and the accuracy of plate processing has put forward higher requirements; 

 In addition to ensuring the precision of sheet metal processing, the efficiency of sheet metal processing is also put forward higher requirements.  

Plate production and processing enterprises urgently need high-precision and high-efficiency production equipment. 

 And processing enterprises of the board of electric shearing machine as one of the key production equipment,

improve the work efficiency to achieve the demand of automation is becoming more and more big, at present already has a new numerical control electric cutting machine,

but the price is expensive, many small businesses can't afford, hope to be able to on the basis of the original equipment technical reform to achieve to promote the efficiency of work.  

There will be demand for production, the technical innovation of electric shearing machine will continue, I believe that electric shearing machine manufacturers, will continue to improve technology, to meet customer needs.