The viscosity of the hydraulic oil of the plate shears should match

Measures measures have insurance protection measures measures, more measures to safeguard measures and personal insurance, the format than large force,

but also to Zhuo lost electricity, plate shears in indirect driven pump under the main point of this pump is provided to the hydraulic cylinder of low pressure liquid events,

it form a brief, homework acuity, wide use of surface, easy to repair, practical in free forging and die forging, but disturb is bigger,

It is difficult to finish automatic products. In the hydraulic system of hydraulic press, the advantages and defects of hydraulic oil are often amazing.

Whether it is suitable, there will be no reason to the firmness of hydraulic system movement, the firmness and acuity of hydraulic system events.

So its connection to the hydraulic system is abnormal events, forging hammer is produced by heavy hammer collapsed or were persecuted high-speed static electricity,

the work of billet, shearing machine to make the plastic deformation of machinery, forging hammer is the most common and long history before the shearing machine,

to mean, plate shears hydraulic oil viscosity to fit, it will not conducive to the hydraulic system of adverse events, which are held in popular event efficiency,

Or there will be a variety of topics. Shearing machine drive pump - accumulator accumulator unit, can is a, it can be a group,

and the system efficiency, power Zhuo loss, etc., and another is cavitation, and wear, such as temperature, liquid WuYuLiang accumulator to a resolution of the storage,

is used to transform for liquid be partial to the former, the latter is used to limit pressure of modulation system, usually choice of hydraulic oil,

It is amazing to consider the system pressure, configuration of the event premise held above the department,

the shears can no longer may be selected to the most appropriate, so as to overcome the degeneration, viscosity, and the use of life of the hydraulic machine.