U Shape Auto Duct line 5 -U-shaped structure

It mainly completes the molding of common plate flanges/Angle iron flanges or "C" type flanges, with a daily processing capacity of 600-2500 square meters. Production, just input the size of the wind pipe to be processed, the production line can automatically complete uncoiling, leveling, reinforcement, punching Angle, (punching), shear, high-speed joint bite, common plate flange forming/Angle steel flange forming/" C "type flange forming, blocking function, servo folding into type.

U Shape Auto Duct line 5 -U -U-shaped structure

1, small footprint, with material saving processing mode;

2, folding platform adopts servo feeding, accurate positioning;

3, input using touch and keyboard double mode;

4, the plate opening is convenient and simple;

5, support stainless steel welding air duct processing mode;

6. Export and print production record data (optional);

7. Data exchange with BIM (optional);

8, support rod drilling, common plate flange edge drilling, pressing square bar function (optional);

9. "C" bone flange and sealing function (optional);

10, joint mouth double mouth in front (optional).



It mainly completes the forming of common plate flanges/Angle flanges or "C" flanges, with daily processing capacity of 1000-2500 square meters. As long as the air duct is input, the production line automatically completes uncoiling, leveling, reinforcing bar, punching Angle, cutting, joint biting, common plate flanges/Angle flanges forming or "C" flange forming, folding into type.

The performance characteristics of

1. U-shaped structure, small footprint, simple assembly, suitable for small and medium-sized factories

2. Servo pneumatic manipulator drive feeding, ensure smooth, accurate positioning, faster speed

3. Super * * * rate, super labor saving, only 20-25 seconds for each L piece, the efficiency is doubled than that of straight line

4. Fixed biting machine, save the time of moving back and forth, improve work efficiency

5. All rolling rollers are made of bearing steel, which can increase the service life by more than 5 times

6. The numerical control system adds the material saving mode, each roll of material only has a piece of waste less than 20mm

7. With production memory function, with production order inquiry function

Main import configuration

1. Beijing Huade + Taiwan hydraulic system

2. German * system

3. Taiwan HWIN linear guide rail

4. Schneider Electric Systems

The basic configuration

1. One electric coiling rack, 4 material trays (5-7 tons per roll)

2. One supporting rack

3. One host (second-line host)

4. Two stainless steel roller transfer platforms

5. One fixed joint biting machine

6. One double-machine joint plate flange machine

7. One double machine linkage Angle flange machine

8. One servo feeding platform

9. One hydraulic folding machine

10. One computer control system