What are the causes of metal laser cutting machine error?

Laser application field is very wide, laser cutting machine as a direction of laser application, is based on the traditional processing technology and modern laser technology complex. In the daily use of metal laser cutting machine in the process of many problems, including laser cutting process error, laser cutting effect is poor, so how to produce these errors?

Let's take a look.

1. The workpiece's geometric error is affected by a variety of reasons, the surface of the processing object fluctuates and fluctuates, and generates heat in the cutting process, making the surface of the thin plate parts easy to deform. Because the surface is not uniform, the laser focus changes randomly with the position and ideal position of the surface of the processed object.

2. The cutting thickness of the material exceeds the standard of the cutting material. The thinner the sheet, the easier it is to cut and the better the quality. If the plate is too thick, the laser cutting machine is more difficult to cut, in the case of ensuring the cutting, the processing accuracy will appear error, so it is necessary to determine the thickness of the plate.

3. The programming error in the machining process of optical fiber laser cutting machine, complex curved surface machining path by a straight line, arc fitting, fitting curve and the actual curve is error, the error cause actual focus and process on the surface of the object relative position error between the ideal programming position and, some teaching programming system can also bring some deviation.

4. In the cutting process of fiber laser cutting machine, the focusing position error is generated in the process of laser cutting samples. There are many factors to change the relative position between the focus of the processed object and the surface, which is also related to the surface smoothness of the processed products. The clamping method of the workpiece, the geometric error of the machine tool and the long time load of the machine tool will be deformed.

Thermal deformation of workpiece during machining will lead to deviation between laser focus position and ideal given position (programming position). For these random errors, it is unavoidable, only through online detection and control can reduce the error, so as to improve the working accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine.