What are the factors affect the welding quality of Laser Welding Machines

What Affect the welding Quality for Laser Welding Machine

Although the welding process of laser welding machine handheld is very excellent compared with other welding equipment. However, in the specific welding process, due to the influence of some external and internal factors, the welding quality of different welding equipment is not the same. So what factors will affect the welding quality of the laser welding machine?

1. The situation of the workpiece for Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Even if the same brand-new laser welding machine handheld is used for welding, the quality of welding may be different if the workpieces to be welded are different. Because the accuracy of the laser welding machine also has a certain limit value, and if the welding workpiece requires too high precision, there may be certain flaws in the welding process, and if the surface of the workpiece itself is not clean, or the uniformity of the workpiece Not good, this will also affect the aesthetics of the weld, thereby affecting the effect of the welding.

2. The situation of the workpiece fixture

In the process of welding with a well-known laser welding machine handheld, the fixture to fix the workpiece will also have a certain impact on the quality of welding. The workpiece fixture is mainly used to tighten the welding workpiece. The welding workpiece can be accurately positioned to facilitate the assembly and welding of the welding workpiece. However, if the quality of the fixture is not good, it will cause accuracy errors, which will affect the accuracy and quality of welding.

3. The welding process parameters

The process parameters of different laser welding machine handheld are different. Some of the process parameters will also have a very intuitive impact on the quality of welding. For example, the welding laser, waveform laser power, welding speed setting and lens focal length, etc. . Because the welding power determines the thickness of the welding, and the welding speed will also affect the penetration of the welding surface, thereby further affecting the welding effect.

To put it simply, the factors affecting the welding quality of the laser welding machine handheld mainly include the condition of the workpiece itself, the condition of the workpiece fixture and the welding process parameters of the welding machine itself. Therefore, for operators who want to better guarantee the welding quality of laser welding machines, they need to start with both external and internal factors.