What are the introduction and application types of thin plate laser cutting machine?

Thin plate laser cutting machine, also known as thin plate fiber laser cutting machine, using the well-known domestic brand Rayke fiber laser, service life of 100,000 hours, after-sales warranty of 2 years, to ensure the actual customer interest.

The whole machine adopts double motor double drive drive mode, helical rack and pinion drive, to ensure the cutting accuracy under the condition of high speed cutting. It is a cutting tool for processing 1-4mm thick plate.

In addition, laser customized machine tools can be directly upgraded to 10000W/12000W without refit.

Sheet metal is a kind of sheet metal often used in traditional industry. This material has been widely used in many fields. The thin plate laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for cutting the thin plate of various metal materials, and now some pipes of this material can also be cut by this machine. For example, watch machinery, medical machinery, instruments and meters, the processing thickness of metal parts is relatively low, generally within 3mm, generally using low and medium power thin plate fiber laser cutting machine. For the cutting of metal parts of agricultural and forestry machinery, the thickness is usually 6-8mm, and the processing requirement of medium thick plate is higher. To cut such metals, a medium power laser cutter is generally required.

Advantages of thin plate laser cutting machine:

1, fast cutting speed

Continuous, fast curve cutting function and shortest machining path optimization function, greatly improve work efficiency;

2, good cutting quality

Good cutting quality, small slit, small deformation, cutting surface smooth and beautiful, without subsequent processing;

3. Powerful software

Can freely design all kinds of graphics, real-time processing, flexible work, high efficiency, simple and convenient mechanical operation.

Thin plate laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in metal processing. In recent years, fiber laser cutting machine has developed rapidly. The technology and process of thin plate fiber laser cutting machine is very mature, the performance is stable, and the price is declining year by year. Everyone in the purchase of laser cutting machine, according to their own budget and needs to choose.