Why is the use rate of CNC four-roll plate winding machine more and more high?

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The use rate of NC rolling machine is higher and higher, and the rate of buying NC four rod rolling machine is greatly increased. Why is that?

That's because:

Automatic hydraulic four-roller numerical control plate rolling machine advanced technical structure and reliable, with enough stiffness. The KEY parts of the work roll, such as reasonable material selection, seiko manufacturing, excellent performance, long accuracy retention period, suitable for long-term continuous processing. The operation control is stable and reliable, the operation is simple, it is a kind of high precision, high efficiency rolling sheet metal use unique advanced equipment.


Automatic hydraulic four-roller plate winding machine, used for rolling steel plate into cylindrical shape at room temperature, can also roll cone bucket, oval, arc and other special-shaped;

- The upper roller can be fixed; The lower roll and the side roll can move up and down;

- The upper roller is the main driving roller, which provides torque for sheet rolling through its rotation;

- Passive roll on both sides;

- Pre-bending is achieved by clamping the plate with the upper and lower rolls, and the side roll is lifted to deform the plate;

- When the roller is round, the hydraulic motor planetary reducer drives the work roller to rotate;

- Suitable for rolling general plate, stainless steel, manganese plate, high strength plate, aluminum plate, etc.

Structure and working principle:

Four roller plate bending rolls by work roll (on a roller, a roller, two side roller), frame (high rack, short frame, overturned support each one), a base, hydraulic transmission, hydraulic pump station, there are seven main oil cylinder (four side roller under the moving cylinder, two roller lift cylinder, a straight cylinder), discharging device, and electromagnetic valve group and a set of electric control system of CNC.

Work roll: The work roll is the main key working part of the machine. The material of the work roll is 42CrMo, forgings, after rough machining and tempering, and the hardness is HB270~300.

The processing process of work roll is: forging → heat treatment after forging → rough turning → tempering → fine turning → surface quenching treatment → fine grinding.

The position of the upper roller is fixed, the lower roller and the side roller can be moved up and down, the working roller rotation is hydraulic drive, the lower roller and the side roller are made to move up and down by the parallel oil cylinder at both ends of the upper roller, and the flip and reset of the flip support at the discharging end of the upper roller are carried out by the oil cylinder. Each roller bearing body and cylinder are installed in the left and right ends of the frame.

Compared with three roller advantages:

Four roller plate bending rolls compared with symmetrical three-roller plate, it can not use other equipment molds, sheet bending end directly, and the rest of the straight edge is small, compared with non symmetrical three-roller plate type, it can not make the sheet back, and rolled into the workpiece, such not only improves efficiency, ensuring the quality of workpiece, and the process is simple, easy to operate.

Advantages of four-roll plate winding machine:

1, plate level feeding - not like three roll plate winding machine tilt feeding

2, the use of side roll to the plate quickly (to avoid the risk of errors)

3. Only occupy space on the loading side

4, the edge of the straight section is greatly reduced (due to the outstanding pre-bending ability, the clamping point completely falls on the edge of the plate)

5, the most easy rolling equipment, each side roller only needs one position to roll forming

6, the whole process of molding (provided that the equipment capacity options should be appropriate) including plate head pre-bending

7, plate bending is suitable for efficient automatic coil manufacturing