Reasonable maintenance of 100T3200 CNC bending machine is conducive to improving its work efficiency

100T3200 CNC bending machine maintenance needs, weekly check the oil level of the tank, such as hydraulic system maintenance should also check, oil level below the oil window should be filled with hydraulic oil. Model and hydraulic oil recommended to match the use; System oil temperature should be between 35℃~60℃, not more than 70℃, such as too high will lead to the deterioration of the oil quality and accessories. The oil of the new machine should be changed after 2000 hours of work, and the oil should be changed after every 4000~6000 hours of work. The oil tank should be cleaned each time of oil change. After the new machine is used for a month, check whether there is any deformation in the bending of the tubing. If there is any abnormality, it should be replaced. After two months of use, the connection of all accessories should be tightened. Monthly clean hydraulic components (substrate, valve, motor, pump, tubing, etc.) to prevent dirt from entering the system, no cleaner. Every time the oil is changed, the filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned. If the machine tool has related alarms or other filter abnormalities such as unclean oil quality, it should be more profitable. The air filter on the tank, every 3 mesh for sound detection cleaning, recommended 1 year replacement. The synchronization of sliding block is controlled between grating ruler… Read More »Reasonable maintenance of 100T3200 CNC bending machine is conducive to improving its work efficiency

Metal laser cutting machine for thin plate cutting can replace CO2 laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine for thin plate cutting can replace CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine and shearing machine, the whole machine cost is equivalent to CO2 laser cutting machine quarter, CNC punching machine half. Metal laser cutting machine is realized by using the high power density energy generated by laser focusing. Its use of precision bay bead screw transmission mechanism, optimization of numerical control system control, can meet the precision parts plus Work, mesh dynamic performance is stable, sustainable long - time work, so in metal cutting. The precision of metal cutting can affect the cutting process, so how to control the metal laser cutting machine in use Make its cutting accuracy? 1, laser melting cutting does not need to vaporize the metal, the energy required is only 1/10 of the vaporized cutting. 2. The heat of vaporization of laser vaporization cutting materials is generally large, so the laser vaporization cutting needs a lot of power and power density. 3, laser oxygen cutting reaction produces a lot of heat, so the energy required for laser oxygen cutting is only 1/2 of the melting cutting, and the cutting speed is far dry laser vaporization cutting and melting  Cut. 4, laser segmentation and control fracture: Laser scanning is the use of high energy density laser on the surface of the brittle material for scanning, so that the material is heated… Read More »Metal laser cutting machine for thin plate cutting can replace CO2 laser cutting machine

BS60220T- 3000W Laser pipe cutting machine daily maintenance and maintenance

Maintenance refers to the protection and repair of things to keep them in normal condition. Girls always buy a variety of maintenance products, it turns out that maintenance girls are indeed younger and more beautiful than those who do not. The same is true of machines. Daily maintenance and maintenance can make the equipment work better, and can also make the equipment use longer years, creating greater value for us. Let us Jetek laser for you to talk about the daily maintenance and maintenance of BS60220T- 3000W laser pipe cutting machine. 1, every day before starting, carefully check the laser working gas and auxiliary gas and cutting auxiliary gas pressure, if the gas pressure is not enough, should be replaced in time, check whether the pipeline leakage; 2, check whether the laser readiness button is damaged (check indicator), the machine tool emergency stop button is normal; 3. Check whether the limit switch of X axis, Y axis and Z axis and the mounting screw of bump block are loose, and whether the limit switch of each axis is sensitive; 4. Check the circulating water level in the water chiller tank, if insufficient, it must be added in time. Change the water once a week and clean the dust cover; 5. Check whether the protective lens is damaged after cutting every day; 6, after the completion of the work, timely clean… Read More »BS60220T- 3000W Laser pipe cutting machine daily maintenance and maintenance

Maintenance method of plexiglass laser cutting machine

Daily organic glass laser cutting machine we also called plexiglass laser cutting machine. Often used for cutting, engraving or punching, plexiglass products, acrylic crafts, window lenses, transparent chassis, advertising products, packaging boxes, display shelves, crystal words, etc. So how should plexiglass laser cutting machine be maintained in daily use? 1. Fill the linear guide rail with lubricating oil. The dust produced by the plexiglass laser cutting machine will corrode the guide rail for a period of time, so the guide rail should be maintained regularly. Turn off the power of the laser cutting machine, clean it with a clean soft cloth guide rail, and then drop lubricating oil on the guide rail. After oiling, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail to ensure that the lubricating oil enters the slider. Two, often wipe the mirror, focusing lens, plexiglass laser cutting machine used for a period of time, smoke will be attached to the surface of the lens, affecting the depth of cutting and cutting accuracy. As a general rule: three mirrors and one focusing mirror are carefully wiped clean with anhydrous alcohol after one week of use. Three, lubricating bearings, plexiglass laser cutting machine uses a large number of bearings. In order to ensure good cutting effect, some bearings need to be oiled regularly. Wipe off the floating soil on the bearing with a clean soft… Read More »Maintenance method of plexiglass laser cutting machine

Do you know the pre-preparation of the punching and shearing machine before starting?

As the policy effects of the national plan to expand domestic demand, especially the plan for readjusting and revitalizing key industries, began to show, the machinery and equipment industry witnessed remarkable growth, with a higher month-on-month growth rate, and initially entered the stage of recovery. The gradual improvement of demand and the continued low prices of main raw materials will improve the profitability of enterprises and the industry profits will be further improved. Punching and shearing machine industry has a good prospect. Combined punching shear machine and mechanical profile punching shear machine integrated punching, shearing plate Angle steel shear, profile shear and other functions, with light weight, small volume, low noise advantages, is the ideal equipment for modern machinery manufacturing industry such as: metallurgy, bridge, communication, electric power and other industries. First, prepare before starting 1. Lubrication of each transmission part should be sufficient, and each lubrication point should be refueling 2-3 times per shift; Shear tool and punching die should be intact without cracking, fastening firmly; 2, the gap between the punch and the lower die hole wall should be uniform, in line with the punching shear requirements, the minimum configuration of the punch should be slightly more than the lower die hole plane; The equipment has good electrical insulation and grounding. Ii. Operating procedures and specifications purpose Ensure the normal and safe operation of punching and shearing machine,… Read More »Do you know the pre-preparation of the punching and shearing machine before starting?

Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine manufacturer: How do we properly maintain the shearing machine?

Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine manufacturer: shearing machine is some large and medium-sized production enterprises the most commonly used cutting machine, its high efficiency, to the factory has brought great benefits and convenience, but the shearing machine to our work has brought great convenience, but the price of the shearing machine is also very expensive, so we must always remember to maintain, to prevent the shearing machine in the process of work caused damage to the work inconvenience. How to use shear properly? Here, I will give you a brief introduction. Don't worry about using the plate cutter when we turn it on before the work day begins. First, run the shears through the air a few times. First, warm up the machine, and then observe whether the shearing machine is working properly. Don't worry about cutting some thick planks or steel plates when we're sure the shears are working properly. What we need to do now is try to cut, and try to cut means we first find some sheets, and we go from thin to thick, and we try to cut one by one, and then we go from thin to thick. When cutting the plate, pay attention to the different thickness of the plate, adjust the different blade clearance. Adjusting the blade clearance is a very important process. If the clearance between blades is not adjusted, the shear… Read More »Hydraulic pendulum shearing machine manufacturer: How do we properly maintain the shearing machine?

Precautions for oiling Spiral Duct Machine DML-1500

The production of Spiral Duct Machine DML-1500 is mainly used for connecting the air pipe and components (such as radiator, side air supply port of static pressure box, etc.). When installing, both ends of the hose are connected Connect the pipe outside, and then use a special soft clamp to clamp the hose tightly. Automatic cleaning of filter element, no need to stop the host and other operations. When the filter cylinder surface saturation resistance is reached When a certain value is allowed, the automatic cleaning function is turned on, and each filter cylinder is cleaned in turn during the working process of the main engine, so as to ensure that the dust removal machine is always in In good working order. Ventilation pipe connection, generally speaking, there are mainly these types of connection, for hoop type connection, plug type connection, insert type connection machine hose connection. In and out Connection type connection is used for the connection of rectangular or circular air duct, insert type connection is the connection of dry rectangular air duct, and hose type connection, it is the dry air duct and part The connection between the pieces, so its points are different, should be selected according to the actual situation. What are the precautions for oil on the spiral air duct machine? 1. The spiral air pipe machine needs to check the pressure gauge every… Read More »Precautions for oiling Spiral Duct Machine DML-1500

Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine types and special purposes

① Inclined edge Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine The upper and lower blades of the plate cutter form an Angle. Generally, the upper blade is inclined, and the inclination Angle is generally 1° to 6°. The shear force of the inclined blade shearing machine is smaller than that of the flat blade shearing machine, so the motor power and the weight of the machine are greatly reduced. The practical application is the most. The manufacturers of the shearing machine produce more such shearing machines. ② Flat edge Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine The shear quality is good, the distortion is small, but the shear force is large and the energy consumption is large. Mechanical transmission more. The upper and lower blades of the shearing machine are parallel to each other, and it is often used for hot shearing of raw billet and slab in rolling mills. According to its cutting mode, it can be divided into upper cutting type and lower cutting type. ③ Multi-purpose Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine 1, combined punching and shearing machine: can complete the cutting of the plate, but also can be cut on the profile, mostly used for the blanking process; 2, sheet bending and shearing machine: that is, in the same machine can complete the shearing and bending two processes. Special purpose of electric plate shearing machine: 1, cold bending forming line shearing machine: such as… Read More »Q11-2x1000 Electric shearing machine types and special purposes

Hydraulic shearing machine has compact structure, simple operation, beautiful shape and easy, low energy consumption.

Hydraulic shearing machine has compact structure, simple operation, beautiful shape and easy, low energy consumption. Widely used in metallurgy, light industry, machinery, automobile, electrical appliances, instrumentation, hardware and other industries for all kinds of steel plate shear. 8x3200 hydraulic pendulum shearing machine performance and characteristics: 1, the steel plate welding structure, comprehensive treatment [vibration aging, heat] to eliminate the internal stress, has good rigidity and stability, to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool; Hydraulic transmission, nitrogen cylinder return, easy operation, reliable performance, beautiful appearance. Adopt high integrated hydraulic system, good reliability; 2. There is a sign indicating the adjustment of the cutting edge gap, and the adjustment is light and quick. 3, equipped with lighting device, and can stepless adjustment of the stroke of the tool holder. 4, the work area adopts the fence type personal safety protection device. 5. There is a digital display device for the size and cutting times of the rear stopper.

Safety operating rules for four - roll plate winder Machine parameters and performance

I. Safety operating rules for four - roll plate winder  Machine parameters and performance 1, can produce diameter of 1-5 meters steel pipe 2, the width of the steel base material is less than 3.2 meters 3, the thickness of steel plate is less than 80mm Two, safe operation rules 1, rolling machine must have a special person responsible for the management. 2. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the plate rolling machine and the method of use. After the approval of the responsible management personnel, the operation can be carried out. 3. Carefully check whether the safety device is intact before starting the machine. 4. During operation, hands and feet are strictly prohibited to be placed on rollers, transmission parts and workpieces. 5. After the work is interrupted, the clutch should be hit to neutral. 6, many people must have special command to cooperate with the operation. 7. Overload work is strictly prohibited. 8. The tipping and resetting of the lifting and overturning bearing of the upper roller and the balance of the upper roller must be carried out after the main drive is stopped. 9. It is forbidden to pile up workpieces and sundries in the workplace, and keep the machine tools and the site clean at all times. 10. After the operation is finished, the power supply should be cut off and… Read More »Safety operating rules for four - roll plate winder Machine parameters and performance