Electric plate shearing machine adopts resistance key form clutch structure and open gear transmission

Electric plate shearing machine adopts resistance key form clutch structure and open gear transmission, and adopts more convenient electric operation, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance. Adopt integral structure, no deformation, easy operation, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption. Widely used in metallurgy, light industry, machinery , hardware, machinery, electrical appliances, motor maintenance, hardware manufacturing and other sheet metal processing industry. 1 m, 1.3 m, 1.5 m, 2 m foot shearing machine, manpower shear shearing machine high quality, and have light weight, convenient movement characteristics, widely used in sheet metal industry, with reasonable structure, shear automatic reset, and foot light freely, It is equipped with cutting stopper and step bar folding device, cutting quality: even incision, straight edge line, no burrs, to achieve precision cutting effect. Power saving, precision shearing, easy operation, economical and practical. 1 meter electric plate shearing machine has motor driven gear, by foot beam control tool rest swing up and down, has reached the plate shear. This shearing machine has the characteristics of fast cutting, no burrs, low noise, easy to use and maintenance, smooth shearing surface. Foot plate shearing machine refers to the spring with sliding fulcrum fixed, so that its operating force reduced by two thirds, part of the machine tool is equipped with a material pressing device, high shear quality, and has the characteristics of light weight, easy to move, widely used in the… Read More »Electric plate shearing machine adopts resistance key form clutch structure and open gear transmission

How to avoid damage of cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine as an efficient and intelligent laser processing equipment, has the advantages of high efficiency, high cutting accuracy, small cutting seam, has been widely used in sheet metal processing industry, cutting head as an important part of fiber laser cutting machine, if damaged will directly shadow Ring fiber laser cutting machine cutting, so what is the cause of damage, how to avoid it? 1. When the fiber laser cutting machine with cutting plate, the distance between the nozzle and the material surface is usually 12mm but the equipment is seen in the operation process The collision between the cutting head and the material may cause the cutting head damage; Fiber laser cutting machine 2. Fiber laser cutting machine can process complex graphics, which also increases the probability of complex collision between cutting head and material surface. To avoid cutting head damage, we need to do the following: 1. Do not dirty the cutting head, do not cover with dust, do not be stained with oil, do not touch; 2 in daily use, should regularly check whether the cutting head surface damage and slag hanging; 3. The anti-collision protection shell is installed on the surface of the cutting head to better protect the cutting head.

Details 2000W laser cutting machine safety operation precautions

2000W Laser cutting machine is to focus the laser beam emitted by the laser through the optical path system into high power density laser beam. The laser beam shines on the surface of the workpiece to reach the melting point or boiling point, while the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows away the molten or vaporized metal. As the relative position of the beam and the workpiece moves, the material eventually forms a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. Warm tips: laser cutting machine as a large precision processing equipment, many people are not very clear about its safe operation, we in the operation of metal laser cutting machine, should pay attention to the following points; 1, when operating the laser cutting machine, to be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions operation, especially in the area of security, can't casually disorderly use, operation, to refer to all relevant specifications at any time, or that the operating personnel to attend the training, to get familiar with the performance of the laser cutting machine to use, familiar with the master and the related knowledge and content of the operating system. 2, in accordance with the provisions to wear a good variety of protective equipment, in the vicinity of the laser beam, to wear protective glasses in accordance with the requirements, in no confirmation of a material… Read More »Details 2000W laser cutting machine safety operation precautions

Laser welding machine is mainly composed of which parts? These three!

Laser welding machine is a lot of industries need welding equipment, especially the automotive industry, medical equipment manufacturing industry, mold processing industry, sheet metal industry, kitchen and bathroom industry, electronic industry. Durmapress laser welding machine is widely used mainly because of its outstanding function. The prominent role of laser welding machine is mainly determined by the following components. 1. Laser welding host The laser welding machine is an important hardware part in durmapress laser welding machine. The host machine mainly produces laser beam for welding, which is composed of power supply, laser generator, optical path and control system. Generally speaking, laser welding requires laser from Luke laser welding host. 2. Cooling system Laser welding machine in the process of work will also produce a lot of heat, too much heat will affect the welding effect of the workpiece. Therefore, durmapress laser welding machine also needs a cooling system to provide cooling function for the laser generator, in order to ensure that the temperature required for laser welding is more appropriate. 3. The workbench Table refers to laser welding automatic table, or motion system. The table makes the laser beam move according to the specific requirements and welding trajectory, so as to realize the automatic welding function of laser. It can be said that the worktable is the core component of Luoke laser welding machine, which mainly controls the welding action.… Read More »Laser welding machine is mainly composed of which parts? These three!

The superior performance of the upper roll universal bending machine

On roller universal machine adopts top roller lift hydraulic transmission and horizontal movement (mechanical), driven by the roller, electric centralized control system operation, can complete on a feeding plate bending and rolling at the ends of the cylinder, arc workpiece, can also be carried out on the sheet metal plastic leveling, there is a direct bending, the effect of save trouble, save material, configuration of NC systems and control, Improve automation. Do you not know the performance advantages of Jude company's universal roll bending machine? Look at the following: 1, high precision end pre-bending ---- When the end is pre-bent, the straight edge length can be set freely and the upper roll is pressed down. Under a certain pressure, the end is pre-bent with high precision. 2, NC control high production efficiency ---- One person operation, simple operation, greatly improved efficiency. 3, different uses of the corresponding control method ---- According to the use, there are the following control methods: TNC (NC) : many varieties of small production; T&BNC(up and down NC) : less varieties for mass production; CNC(CNC) : many varieties of mass production. 4, products with super precision ---- Because of continuous bending, as well as high precision end pre-bending, so as to get super precision products; In addition, the upper roller is in the shape of a drum, the supporting roller with adjustment, from thin plate to… Read More »The superior performance of the upper roll universal bending machine

How to choose the motion mode of the W11-20*3000 Hydraulic Rolling Machine?

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W11-20*3000 Hydraulic Rolling Machine will do the main movement and auxiliary movement during operation, the main movement is generally completed by the upper and lower motion of the working roller of the rolling machine, this movement includes rotation and bending, etc., this main movement can help the rolling machine to complete the processing of the plate. Auxiliary movement includes in the process of processing, the equipment for loading and blanking operations, also includes the operation of the upper roller lifting, lifting operation, inverted frame flip and other forms of movement operation. On board processing includes the process of rolled plate, bending, flanging and mold suppression, which rolled plate is the first link, the link also known as rolling, is to make the plate subjected to external forces, reach the outer fiber elongation, shorten the inner lining of the fiber, and plates in the middle of fiber will not be any change. In this way, the plate will produce a bending deformation, so as to form a cylinder and other shapes, the working principle of the winding machine is such. In the case of large cylindrical radius, most of the mechanical way to roll the plate operation, the winding machine is the equipment for this operation, of course, can also choose the pressure of the tire film or manual plate operation, but from the efficiency, the use of the winding machine… Read More »How to choose the motion mode of the W11-20*3000 Hydraulic Rolling Machine?

The technical innovation of electric shearing machine will continue! 

The technical innovation of electric shearing machine will continue!   Ordinary electric plate shearing machine is not automatic, the power system generally uses ordinary asynchronous motor, the control of cutting board action needs to be completed manually, in the process of cutting board constantly start and stop, high energy consumption, low efficiency, and occupy human resources, but also prone to error.   In view of these situations, the high electric plate shearing machine can be automated transformation, improve the work efficiency and shear plate precision, reduce energy consumption.   With the continuous rapid growth of China's economy, the social demand for all kinds of plates is increasing, and the accuracy of plate processing has put forward higher requirements;   In addition to ensuring the precision of sheet metal processing, the efficiency of sheet metal processing is also put forward higher requirements.   Plate production and processing enterprises urgently need high-precision and high-efficiency production equipment.   And processing enterprises of the board of electric shearing machine as one of the key production equipment, improve the work efficiency to achieve the demand of automation is becoming more and more big, at present already has a new numerical control electric cutting machine, but the price is expensive, many small businesses can't afford, hope to be able to on the basis of the original equipment technical reform to achieve to promote the efficiency of work.   There will be demand… Read More »The technical innovation of electric shearing machine will continue! 

Hydraulic plate shearing machine oil change 3 major matters needing attention

Hydraulic plate shearing machine cylinder is mainly composed of piston, coat, piston rod, screw rod, etc., in order to ensure normal use, the need for regular maintenance of oil change, then the hydraulic plate shearing machine in oil change, should pay attention to the following: (1) Check the oil level of the hydraulic system oil tank of the hydraulic plate shearing machine every week. If the hydraulic system is repaired, it should also be checked. The oil level should be filled with hydraulic oil if it is lower than the oil window; (2) The oil temperature of the system should be between 35℃ and 60℃, not more than 70℃, if too high will lead to the disintegration of the oil and accessories damage; (3) the hydraulic oil used by the hydraulic plate shearing machine is ISOHM46 or MOBILDTE25; In addition to the above points, it should be noted that the oil should be changed after the operation of the new hydraulic plate shears for 2000 hours, and the oil should be changed after each operation of 4000 ~ 6000 hours in the future, and the oil tank should be removed every time the oil is changed.

Shrimp elbow machine manufacturer recent market

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Shrimp elbow machine manufacturer mainly refers to the host part, the core part is the roll. When the two pressure roller feed too much or into the roller between extrusion molding. The feeding part, mainly manual feeding, using the gap between the roller feed. Drive part, the main drive system for: motor a triangle belt - a reducer - an open gear - a roll. The main machine is powered by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, through the belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, through the rod pin coupling to the drive shaft. 2mm material cold plate galvanized sheet tube diameter range φ150-φ1000mm Production speed 8m/min Power 1. Shrimp elbow machine is also known as phoenix pipe elbow bite machine, is the processing of metal sheet round pipe and round pipe elbow (shrimp elbow) butt bite equipment. Diameter range φ100-φ1000mm, diameter can be done 100mm, good sealing and forming appearance is also beautiful. The machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance, practical and convenient operation, good smoothness of rolled out bone, accurate size and Angle, high sealing of air duct after occlusion, firm and durable. Shrimp elbow machine is mainly used in air conditioning hVAC elbow. The joint wheels are hot treated for their long service life and small shape. Copper motor drive, low failure rate, less power consumption. The transmission gear adopts forged high carbon steel, high hardness,… Read More »Shrimp elbow machine manufacturer recent market


Q11Y SERIES HYDRAULIC GUILLOTINE SHEAR WORKSHOP NEEDED: This machine adopts full steel welding structure with enough hardness and rigidity. It also has been heated processed and highly frequently vibrated. Adopting floor boring-milling machine for German for guaranteeing the precision Structure of machine: guillotine Hydraulic system adopts integral logic loop controlled by order valve with stability, low noise and easy maintenance and keep the normal oil-temperature and working by the fixed cooled unit.6.5 Protecting Function of Clamping. Hydraulic system from famous brand in China controlling the blade’s moving Two High rigidity rectangle blades with four available edges Plate support table will roller bearing and front support for easy material feed in Pressing unit adopts integral loop and parallel pressing cylinder fit with rubber washer. When the plate is uneven, it can be adjusted to press the plate tightly. The pressure also can be adjusted according to the plate’s material and thickness with protecting the plate’ surface. Handle wheel for adjusting the blade clearance in manual with easy operation and flexibility. Timing relay controlling the stroke. According to the width of plate, timing relay adjust the stroke time for saving time and improving shearing efficiency. Counter controlling the amount of shearing with adjustment and memory functions, and forward, return and fine-adjusting functions Light beam shadow overlapping the drawn line no the plate The shearing angle can be adjusted in a set scope… Read More »Q11Y SERIES HYDRAULIC GUILLOTINE SHEAR WORKSHOP NEEDED